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1st Anniversary- Paper Gift Ideas?

So, our first anniversary is quickly approaching and I have no clue what to get DH.  We don't have any professional sports teams where we live that are currently in season.  We go to Chicago quite often (where I'm from), but there are no games being played the weekend we will be there for my shower.  I am at a complete loss...

 Do you have any fun suggestions?

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Re: 1st Anniversary- Paper Gift Ideas?

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    tickets to some sort of show (movie, play, monster trucks), massage gift certificate, framed picture (autograph of favor athlete maybe), a card with money lol  

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    I scheduled a couple's massage for us - which isn't paper, but it was a surprise so the way I told him was via paper.  I created a crossword puzzle with mushy clues about our honeymoon and wedding.  And then I highlighted a few of the letter boxes and those boxes spelled out "couples massage", so he had to solve the puzzle to find out what we were doing.

    Cheesy but it worked!

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    I loved my 1st anniversary gift to DH. Smile On our second date, we watched XMen II and when the third XMen came out in the theater, it was our first movie theater date together. Also, he loves super heros.

    So for our anniversary, I got him the DVD rom of all the old XMen comics and then went on ebay and bought him an original copy of the Batman (his favorite) comic book from the month and year he was born.


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    My husband got me tickets to the Blackhawks game that day.  I got him a subscription to Sports Illustrated.  Since you mentioned sports, perhaps a magazine subscription will work since you can't attend an event that weekend.
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    Thank you so much! Those are all really great ideas. I think I'm going to have fun with this :-)
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