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No ice cream...WAH!

I'm a newbie - wondering if anyone else is having this issue.  I've never had dairy problems, but since the end of my first trimester or so, milk, yogurt, and yes, even my beloved ice cream fights with me.  I get completely bloated and gassy and outrageously uncomfortable (also some lovely indigestion).  When I mentioned this to my dr, he said it wasn't pregnancy-related, that it was just my body that won't digest the sugar lactose anymore.  He said it happens to some young, some old, and some never.  I'm hoping and praying he's wrong, because I'm miserable with my ice cream and my cereal with milk, and I'm miserable without my ice cream and trying my almond milk (blech).  Has this happened to anyone else?

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Re: No ice cream...WAH!

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    I've heard of it happening during pregnancy and going away after.

    I'm lactose intolerant and I buy the lactaid milk and lactose free ice cream.  I find the tofutti ice cream pretty good once you get past the slightly different taste.  I love their ice cream sandwiches.

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    Try soy milk rather than almond. I went dairy free awhile back and was surprised how much I liked soy and disliked almond milk (I like nuts and don't particularly love soy so I assumed it would be the opposite).  It's especially delicious in coffee, etc.  I would think it would work well over milk too.
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