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Long 42 Hour Birth Story

I really enjoyed reading birth stories while I was pregnant and thought I would share my (late) birth story!  (Plus I can print it and keep it in the baby book so I don't have to write it again!)

I started having contractions two weeks before Abby was born.  They were always about 4 or 5 minutes apart and would last for a few hours.  However, I was only a fingertip dilated and not effaced.  I ended up going on maternity leave a week before my due date because 1) it had been snowing and I didn't want to get stuck at work and 2) I was NOT focusing on work at all!
At my 39 week appointment I had an emergency u/s because she was showing up nonresponsive on the NST.  The u/s looked great though, but they scheduled me for a biophysical profile for the following week along with another internal and another NST.  The OB disucssed possible c-section with me because there was a fear that she either had a short cord or it was wrapped around her neck.  I was NOT at all pleased to hear this news as we had just determined she had flipped head down from being breech.
My appointment was on a Tuesday, so Wednesday and Thursday I took it easy, walking and walking and bouncing on my labor ball and bouncing some more.  Friday I decided to go to the mall to do some shopping with my mom and niece.  We treated ourselves to coffee and walked the mall for about three hours.  On the way home I started to get cramps on the tops of my legs.  Pretty much right where the legs bends.  This was at about 6:00pm on Friday.
After dinner I started timing them and they were coming every 20 minutes.  We went home, made sure all of our stuff had been packed for a possible hospital visit and then tried to head to bed.  The contractions were getting stronger and closer together.  I worked through them with the labor ball and walking.  We called my OB and went to L&D at about 3:45am.  When they checked was 1cm dilated and -2.  They had me walk for awhile which really increased the contractions.
They checked me again at 8:00am and I was still only 1cm and she had disengaged.  Since I hadn't slept since Thursday night and it was Saturday morning they talked me into getting a morphine shot.  I was less than trilled since I really didn't want any narcotics, however, they assured me that this would help my body relax.  Well, it didn't and I ended being super antsy and not resting at all. 
At 4:00pm the doctor checked me and I was 1-2cm, but she was still a -2.  They ended up sending us home, telling us not return until my water had broken, they were too intense for me to handle or until they were 1-2 minutes apart.
On the drive home (we live 45 minutes away from the hospital) the snow kept getting worse and worse the further north we drove.  By the time we got to our house our hill was iced over and we had to go around the back way to get home.  Our best friends were nice enough to bring some food over for dinner and hang out with us until we went to bed.  However, right after dinner I started having some really intense contractions.
I was so exhausted at this point that I would start having the contaction and then fall asleep between them, so we didn't know when they were truly starting and truly ending.  Our friends said goodbye and we headed up to bed around 11:00pm.  I told my H to get as much sleep as he could because I didn't think we'd make it through the night.  I was laboring and having contractions about every 4 minutes.  I started laying in bed breathing through them, then had to move to the labor ball while leaning on the bed to get through them and then eventually I was only able to stand and rock back and forth through them.  My H woke up at this point and asked me if it was time, I told him no, that I still hadn't met the criteria for returning.  At about 2:00am I started to get sick.  I woke H up and he called the OB and they said to come in right away.  As I was getting sick I thought my water had broken, but it ended up just being pee! :)
We didn't get to the hospital until about 5:00am because of all the snow (and we had forgotten my bag initially).  They got me checked in and I labored standing for about an hour.  At 6 they finally checked me and I was 3-4cm.  The suggested I get an epidural so I could get some sleep.  They were nervous of how slow I was progressing and wanted to make sure I had the energy to get through whatever was going to happen.
At 6:30am I got the epidural and my blood pressure plummeted, they had to give me oxygen and something in my IV to help me get it back up.  I ended up getting a lesser dose of the epidural because of this.
I slept until about 9am when I was checked again and I was 5cm.  Since I progressed they held off on the pitocin they had threatened me with when we had arrived. The doctor then broke my water. 
At about 10:30am I was complaining of feeling like I had to poop.  I called for the nurse and when the doctor came to see what was going on down there, he said it was time!  Both the nurse and I asked "Time for what?"  He replied, "To have a baby!"  Once the water had broke and I had some time to rest I progressed very quickly!
I started pushing at 11:25am and Abigail Pearl was born at 11:47am.  She had a full head of hair, weighed in at 6lbs 6oz and was 19 inches long!  We got some very special skin-to-skin time and she tried breastfeeding immediately.  The cord ended up being around her neck, so the doctor cut it right when her head came out.  Her APGARs were 9 and 9 so it didn't seem to affect her at all.
It was truly the most magical day of both my H and I's life.  She is such a blessing and a wonderful baby!  We definitely hit the jackpot with her!
We fall in love more and more every day.

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Re: Long 42 Hour Birth Story

  • Your little Abby is such a doll! I love her swimmy suit too! What a story! I'm lurking (usually post on July 2011) but have been anxious about L&D. Thanks for sharing your experience. I am glad everything worked out, but what a pain being in labor for 42 hours, AND with such a lack of sleep!!!

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  • she is beautiful! i love her swimsuit :)
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  • imageAmyChristine15:

    Your little Abby is such a doll! I love her swimmy suit too! What a story! I'm lurking (usually post on July 2011) but have been anxious about L&D. Thanks for sharing your experience. I am glad everything worked out, but what a pain being in labor for 42 hours, AND with such a lack of sleep!!!

    I remember feeling anxious too, but when it starts happening it goes by so fast!  Which, I know, seems crazy to think about now, but it truly does go by quickly!  I love her swim suit too, it's from Crazy 8!

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  • Thank you for the birth story! And her swim suit is so darn adorable!
  • she is adorable!!!
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  • That's a lovely story.Congrats! She's beautiful.
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