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Anyones DH work away on oil rig?

My husband works a couple minutes away from home right now which is really nice, but money could be better. He may have an oportunity to be a mechanic on an oil rig that would have him work one week on and one week off throughout the month. I know I would hate him being away from me, but his pay would be more then double of what he is making now. That would get all our bills paid off very quickly and money back in the savings, but then I go back to thinking of being alone for a week and what ifs (what if he misses Madilyn's birth or has to go back a couple days after she is born, etc)

Anybody else deal with their husbands being away for a period of time?


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Re: Anyones DH work away on oil rig?

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    My DH doesn't work on a rig, but he travels a lot. IT SUCKS. He's gone right now for a two week stretch. It is very very hard on us and to be honest, the extra money stopped me worth it right away, which was 4 years ago. We don't "need" the extra money though. If we did, that may change the way we look at it, but it wouldn't make it easier. I will tell you that you will never get used to him leaving and it's just as hard the 20th time as the 1st time that he leaves. Do you know if this would be permanent?
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    Do you know if this would be permanent?

    We have talked about that, and we agree that this would not be a life time job. I was thinking maybe a year and then him try to find a mechanic job around home again. But I am afraid that after making the kind of money we are talking about ($65 an hour! which is a crap load to us) that he will be used to that and wont want to quit and go back to a "normal job"

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    My DH isn't on an oil rig but is in the military.  He travels a lot and with short notice (less than 24 hours sometimes).  I don't mind being alone.  I actually like it.  But it's a part of our life and is going to happen for at least the next 6 years.  We just take it in stride.  He's missed out on a lot because of traveling/deployments.  It makes us sad but it also makes our relationship stronger.

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    I grew up with a father who worked on rigs as he was a welder. The money was great but I hardly saw my dad. He would be gone at 4am and home at about 7pm, eat dinner, shower and go to bed. It was his career choice though and had been a welder since the ripe age of 16. I have a friend who's father works for Chevron and works a week on and a week off and they are happy. They've got everything they need and often take trips so it's like the time they do have together is a lot more memorable. Plus, he has the money to do those things more frequently as he makes more then the average job. Another one of my friends is dating a guy that has a similar job to my friends dad and she enjoys the week long "breaks." I think it all depends and what works for some doesn't always work for others.
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