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Tabor Children's House - Doylestown - any opinions?

I was wondering if anyone has heard any reviews on the Tabor Children's House in Doylestown?  They have a good rate but I can't find any reviews online.  Let me know,


Re: Tabor Children's House - Doylestown - any opinions?

  • I did an observation there (I am in school to be a teacher) last year. I believe they have the highest rank on Keystone Stars - but that really is just about filing the correct paperwork.

    It was an old building and I didn't think it was kept up very well.

    The teachers were really nice though.

    I personally wouldn't use them - but there weren't any red flags or anything, just my preference!

    Have you been there yet?  Are you looking for a center in the doylestown area or just this specific center?  Let me know if you wnat other suggestions.  I love in Doylestown and work in Chalfont and I have a 2 year old in daycare!


  • Thanks for the info.. I haven't been there yet, I haven't been any where, I am having my baby on Monday and figured that once I was on maternity leave I would then start looking at places.  I saw the rating and that is why I looked into them.  I live in Doylestown, so anything around there works.  Definitely any suggestions you would give would be much appreciated as I am new to the area.


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  • I have not been there yet but was looking into it. I also live in Doylestown. My husband and I really liked what we saw at Time for Tots in Buckingham. It's right off 413 & 263.  I think the rate is pretty good, although we only looked a few places.  I think in this area anything under $250 per week is good.  Is Tabor House much less? Have you visited yet?
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