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Diaper Genie STINKS!!

Anyone have something that works better? I even bought baby-safe deodarizers for inside the genie and it still REAKS!! Help!

Re: Diaper Genie STINKS!!

  • Nope, they're all pretty bad.  We just put our diapers in plastic grocery bags and throw them in the trash in the garage which goes out twice a week.  I'd rather my garage smell like diapers than Allie's room.
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  • IMO, the Diaper Genie II (don't know if you have the original or not) works quite well in containing the stink.  I change my DS's 1x per week and the odor isn't too bad. Yeah, there's a bit of lingering stench but it's to be expected considering I left pee and poop rolled into bags inside plastic.

    I said to my DH that we need one for outside for the dog poop! lol


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  • I poured some coffee beans at the bottom and the smell is now undetectable. I figured if drug sniffing dogs have a hard time smelling drugs hidden in coffee beans if might work for dirty diapers too.
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  • I wash mine (Diaper Champ) down with straight vinegar.  I soak the side and let some soak in the bottom for a couple hours.  Then I rinse it and let it sit in the sun for the afternoon.  I do this about once a month.  Each time I change the bag  I sprinkle baking soda and tea tree oil. 
  • We ended up replacing ours with a new one.  So far it is fine.
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  • Our  Diaper Genie II contains the stink pretty well, IMO.  I help it along by adding a lump of charcoal or two to the bag to absorb odors.  I do this to the kitchen garbage as well to absorb food odors.  It works great!

  • Ours does an okay job but will sometimes smell if it is getting close to full.  We empty it once a week on trash day.  Dumping the solid waste in the toilet before putting it in the genie will help.

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  • We have a Safety 1st diaper pail.  I like it b/c you don't need to buy special bags.  We just put the Arm & Hammer deoderizers in it and it works just fine!
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  • We have the Diaper Champ, and up until a couple months ago it wasn't too bad, but now it's simply awful. We had to put it out on our deck. We were gagging every time we opened it. I've tried everything. I've soaked it for days in Mr Clean and other cleaners and nothing has worked. I guess it's life is over. LOL!
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  • Arm & Hammer makes these little deoderizer discs that work great.  I put two or three in the bottom and no smell at all!

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