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follow up to my mopey post from tuesday- all good

placenta has moved wayyyy out of the way. so no previa anymore. yayyyyy

and I only failed one needle stick on my 3 hour test, and my dr said it was barely a fail so I'm not listed as having Gestational Diabetes.   super yayyyyyy

baby is already head down (I could have told you that from the feet in my ribs), weighs about 3 pounds and I have been given free reign on weight gain from here on out. I have gained a total of 13 pounds so far this pregnancy, and the dr said it's ok if I gain a pound a week from now on.  don't try, but also, if I do, it's ok.


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Re: follow up to my mopey post from tuesday- all good

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    I'm so happy you're free of PP and that you don't have to follow a GD diet. I did and was kind of miserable.

    Hope the rest of the pregnancy is easy!

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