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Preschool/Montessori Schools?

We recently moved to the area and I'm looking for a morning school for my (almost) 2 year old. Everything I have found on my own doesn't offer short programs. My husband and I both work from home, so we aren't as concerned with an all day program. We want something that will teach her as well as give her the (much needed) time to socialize. I am just looking for something that is 8-11am, or 11-3. 

We're in the Germantown/Mt. Airy area, but I'm willing to drive.  I have no idea where to start! 

Re: Preschool/Montessori Schools?

  • We've sent/sending all three of our children to Clockhouse Montessori at St. Aloysius Academy in Bryn Mawr.  They are from ages 2.5 (potty trained) through kindergarten.  My children have done great and love everyone there.  Staff has been consistent for 25+ years.  The day is from 8:30-9 for drop off, 9-12 for morning montessori, option of staying from 12-1 for lunch, option of also staying until 3 for kindercare or up until 6pm for extended day.  All full day (kindergarten or 3rd years) stay until 3pm.
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