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Who will you tell?

When you do get pregnant...who will be the first 3 people you tell?  How long will you wait to tell EVERYONE?  How will you make your announcement?
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Re: Who will you tell?

  • Besides the interwebz?? DH, my BFF and his BFF (they're married, so it'll be one phone call). 
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  • The first 3 people I will tell are DH, my mom, and my best friend. And as far as when we will tell and how, I'm not too sure yet!

    *side-note* OP, although your pictures are beautiful, you might want to make them much smaller. Some places you can do that are tinypic.com and photobucket.com

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  • I'll tell my husband (of course), my mother and my mother in law.


    Also, your siggy pics are gorgeous! But, they're also huge! Can you resize them? 

    ETA- Sorry for the seconded request, I was a bit too slow. 

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  • My husband, my best friend and my doctor (who is also a really good friend).  I will probably post about it on my blog but will not tell my son until we are in the clear.  He has known about the last 3 losses and I just can't put him through those emotions again. 
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  • imagecrystalmeyer08:
    When you do get pregnant...who will be the first 3 people you tell?  How long will you wait to tell EVERYONE?  How will you make your announcement?
    My parents, my siblings and my two bff will know first. I will tell everyone else when I cant hide it anymore, im small so its obvious pretty early on. We'll put LO in a BIG BROTHER T-shirt.
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  • I plan to tell my husband, then we are going to try to plan a dinner with both sets of parents and my daughter, and I'm going to buy her a shirt that says "big sister" and wrap it up so she can open it in front of them. It's the only way to go because they all gossip too much so I have to tell them all or else everyone will hear before I get to tell them. And my daughter is so excited about the idea of a little brother or sister (sister if she gets her way) I don't see her being able to keep the secret... lol.

    Edited to add when we will tell everyone else:

    I showed kind of early with my daughter and females in my family tend to show even earlier with number two, so as much as I'd love to wait until we are in the 2nd trimester, it may not be possible unless I am somehow able to avoid everyone for 3 months. Also, once I tell my mom I know she's going to tell EVERYONE, even if I ask her not to, so I won't get to wait long.

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  •  DH (of course), my twin sister, my mother, & probably one of my really close friends. I'll wait to tell anyone else.

     Oh, & I can't wait to get the "See what happens when you stop trying!" reaction from people. I kinda spread the word that we weren't trying anymore. (I just got tired of the constant probing & questioning every month). It's situations like these that keep that ridiculous bit of ttc "advice" alive. lol. "I know someone who simply stopped trying, then they got KU!!"


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  • Don't know who the first three will be but when we tell my parents we're gonna get Christmas ornaments in the shape of the traditional Mickey Mouse ears and write "Grandma" and "Grandpa" on the back. I'm a hatwriter at the Happiest Place on Earth so it will be quite appropriate. 
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  • Hmm, first three people would be: my dad, DH's mom and step dad, DH's dad. Telling everyone will probably be anywhere between 16-20 weeks along, I want to make sure my baby sticks and possibly wait to be able to tell them the sex.

    The first three people will get calls, everyone else will probably get an email. I'm not on facebook so I won't have to deal with that announcement.

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  • I will tell my mom and two sisters. DH will hopefully be with me when I POAS.
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  • lycihlycih member
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    MH, my oldest sister, MH's sister.  We'll wait 12 weeks to tell anyone else. 
    I'm not sure how we'll tell everyone, since neither of us are from the area and all our family is REALLY spread out...

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  • Ella85Ella85 member
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    MH and I plan to try and keep it to ourselves as long as possible. I know we will be excited, but I'm nervous about another C/P or even a M/C.  I want to give the grandparents a wrapped up U/S photo to break the news to them first. 

    So I guess you guys (other than DH) will be the first to know.

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  • Besides DH (obviously), I would tell my parents, my brother and his girlfriend (hopefully soon to be SIL), and my MIL. 

    I will probably want to wait to tell friends a little longer.  Coworkers and boss not until I pass the first trimester.  Knowing my husband though, he'll probably tell EVERYONE within five minutes through mass text message.  


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  • My husband, my mom, his mom. I will definitely wait until at least 8 weeks, if not 12... 
  • I will of course tell H and my mom will find out because she works at the pharmacy where I get my prescriptions and anyone else I will want to wait.  We've had 2 miscarriages already and we won't tell DS until we are in the clear - 13 weeks or so I'm thinking.  H can't keep anything from his dad though and his dad is a huge gossip so I threaten H I won't even tell him.  :) 
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  • I will tell DH, my mom and my best friend.  Not sure how long we will wait, I would love to say we will wait till 12 weeks but I know me...LOL.    Have not decided on how we would tell yet but I have some ideas :)
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  • Most likely (besides DH) my mom,dad and brother and my two closest friends. The basic rule we will follow is whoever we would tell about a pregnancy we would also have to be comfortable telling about a miscarriage. So none of DHs friends, and probably not his mom or dad. I don't really think my ute is any of their business. We would probably tell them after we hear a heartbeat. Then everyone else probably around 10-12 weeks.
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  • I think we will try to wait until 12 weeks to tell. We'll tell my parents, and his mom and brothers first.
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  • Obviously DH will know but other than that I plan on only telling my BF. She will probably be the first to know so I can hold myself together long enough to surprise DH with the onesie! DH already commented to her the other day that she will probably know before him and he's alright with that! Smile

    I don't want to tell our parents right away, will probably wait until confirmed at Dr, but they will know well before we tell everyone else.

    ETA: We will make it public sometime shortly after the first ultrasound. We will call close friends/family and let the news spread that way....news travels way too fast here in our small gossip loving community!

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  • My husband will be the first. I won't even post it on the bump before telling him... unlike some of the drive bys. Next will be family, as in parents and siblings, followed by our closest friends... then it will be a free for all. But, I don't plan on telling anyone besides my husband, and the bumpies, before we are out of "the danger zone," / 14 weeks.
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  • MH, My mom and my MIL. I would probably wait for about a month to tell some of my friends then 3 months to tell everyone. I haven't thought about how I will do it yet.
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  • salt78salt78 member
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    My husband, my mom, and my best friend. It will be a looooong time before we tell anyone else. Having to explain what happened to the few people that we told after the CP was bad enough.
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  • I will tell my DH, my parents and prob my 2 work BFF's (they know we are TTC and I'll be to excited to see them every day and not tell them. After that would come DH's parents and our siblings. We will prob wait until after the first Dr's appt to tell everyone else. I don't know how we'll tell everyone....prob tell our grandparents in person and then make the FB announcement and let it get to everyone else that way.
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  • Excluding this board and my husband -

    a friend of mine at work that I chat with all day long (she's a nestie/bumpie too), and then my parents and his parents. I'll tell my friend probably immediately but I want to hold off on telling my parents and his parents. Maybe not 12 weeks but maybe until 8 weeks or so. We'll see - i'm awful at keeping secrets lol.


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  • If I get pregnant spontaneously, it will be DH, Salt, and my friend/coworker. We will tell family after the 1st ultrasound, and everyone else at 12 weeks.

    However, with starting testing and possibly treatment, we may or may not be secretive with family (my family at least - what to tell DH's parents is his call) about when things are happening, so they would know when we should know. Still, friends and coworkers would know at 12 weeks.

    I don't really know how we'll make our announcement. I guess it depends on the scenario. To be honest, I've kind of stopped dreaming of the announcement. I just want to get pregnant, and then figure it out.

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  • imageMackerel1984:
    Don't know who the first three will be but when we tell my parents we're gonna get Christmas ornaments in the shape of the traditional Mickey Mouse ears and write "Grandma" and "Grandpa" on the back. I'm a hatwriter at the Happiest Place on Earth so it will be quite appropriate

    Dude, most fun-sounding job ever!

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  • Oem617Oem617 member
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    DH (of course) and this board (of course). Then my parents, in-laws, SIL and her husband and probably my two BFs that know we are trying. I would like to wait at least 8 weeks. If my MIL knows, soon the world will know.


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  • DH will be first, obviosuly, then my BFF and his BFF, followed by a couple that we are very close with and have been going through the ups and downs of the TTC process with. 

    he is going to want to tell our parents right away, but his dad and my mom (and my grandmother) will not give me a moment of peace after we tell them (same reason we are not telling them we are TTC), and also i don't want to have to tell them if something bad happens (*knock on wood*).  i think we will wait until as close to 12 weeks as i can convince DH before telling the parents.

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  • The first three people I would tell would be DH (obv), my mom, and my sister. We would tell "everyone" probably in the 2nd tri....

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  • My husband and I will keep it a secret probably for a while...then my parents and his will know and then my bestfriend. I don't like all the attention so hopefully my mom will tell everyone in the family for me =)

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    Congrats to Salt and Ret, they both got their BFP and both are due March 2012!!!
  • We will tell my mom and MIL the same way, buy "World's Best Grandma" frames and put our 1st ultrasound pic in there. We would want to wait to tell anybody until we get the ok from the Dr. After that I am sure the word will spread pretty quickly :)
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  • We will tell DD, our parents, and our siblings. Probably also my BFF because she asks me just about every month if Im KU yet. Confused

    Everyone else around 10-12 weeks. Not sure how we will tell anyone.

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