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Scottsdale and Shea Hospital or PV?

I will either be delivering at Scottsdale and Shea Hospital or PV and was wondering if anyone has any feedback about either?  This will be my 1st childbirth and I really want to make sure that I have a good experience if not the best.
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Re: Scottsdale and Shea Hospital or PV?

  • I actually was just hospitalized at Shea and was on the labor and deliv floor since I am pregnant. This is where I will be delivering at, and am happy that is where we are going because I can't tell you enough how awesome the staff was!!!!!
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  • I was on bedrest at Scottsdale/Shea, and loved it.  There is a lot to be said for room service. the staff was outstanding, and I loved all the doctors.  Plus, if anything happens, they have one of the best NICUs in the state.

    My SIL had her twin girls at PV and loved it also. 

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  • Thanks Ladies : )

     The Doctor that I have chosen delivers at both these hospitals but I have never known anyone but my niece-in-law that has delivered there and she ended up having a c-section. 

    Most of my family and friends all delivered at Thunderbird Banner so I know they are a good one as well.  I could change doctors if I needed to but I would like to have one that is closer to home.  I have my 1st doctors appt on Monday!!

     Heres to H&H pregnancies for us all!!!

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  • There's actually a post about this a little further down.

    Honestly I've not delivered at either (DD is adopted) but been at both and prefer shea.

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    I delivered at Scottsdale Shea. I was put on bed rest at week 29. So I never got the chance to take a birthing class, and this was my first. The nurses were the best; I was there a total of 4 times and never had a negative thing happen. I was afraid and they helped me through it and I could not have had it better.

  • I think I am the only person in the world who had a bad experience at Shea. I was actually coming on here to see about alternatives as I am pregnant again. I am super easy to please and we just had one thing go wrong after another there. Some was not the hospital's fault, but some was. It was also VERY hard on me (like I ended up back in the ER 5 days later due to exhaustion) that there was no well baby nursery- even though we were told there was one. I wasn't planning on even using it, but my son would not sleep on his back. At all. He would only sleep if I was sitting up straight and not leaning back on a pillow or something. So, while this was not the hospital's fault, I had been told there was a nursery where they could take the baby for a few hours if needed. When I asked, I found out it had closed 6 months earlier, so they totally lied on the tour.

    My son also would not latch. Their LCs said it was because he was 3.5 weeks early and I should not expect him to until he hits 40 weeks. They did show me some techniques and told me to keep trying. I called a week later for support and was told that they had done all they could in the hospital and I could come in but it would be $100 (which I was fine with, I really wanted to BF) but it would be a waste of time. So, I asjed if we could be seen when he hit the 40 week mark and she said they do not see babies over 2 weeks old. So, I asked for a reference to which they told me they do not give references for outside LCs. It was so frustrating. So, if BFing is important to you, I would say go elsewhere.

    There were lots of other small issues, but those were the two biggies. I am super laid back and easy going but there is NO way I would deliver there again. I am looking for more info on PV right now. But, like I said, I do seem to be in the minority. 

    On the plus side, the food was good!


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  • 7 weeks ago I delivered at Scottsdale Shea and had an amazing experience.  Every nurse and doctor I came into contact with was amazing, friendly and excited for us.  We pre-registered and had the smoothest arrival when the "big day" finally came.  Also, not sure if your considering having an epidural but I think I should mention that even that process was smooth compared to stories I've heard from friends delivering at other local hospitals.  They have a dedicated doctor on the delivery floor so when you request an epidural it's a lot faster than other locations.  I labored as long as I could naturally and when I asked for an epidural I was REALLY miserable and wanted relief quickly.  Within 12 minutes the doctor had arrived, nurse had set up the instruments and I was perfectly at ease. 
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  • First off I am an RN so I know that nothing is perfect with healthcare or any hospitalization. That being said. 

    I delivered at Shea....if I had it to do over I would go with PV. I chose to deliver at Shea over the recommendations of many people including my OB and my sister who is a Labor and Delivery nurse at PV. I thought that it being closer to my house, a better ER and having nicer rooms would tip the scales; all other things being equal. Boy was I wrong! I was also left ALONE in the bathroom while I was in active labor, not safe. They didn't call my MD in time so a hospitalist delivered my baby :( She was very nice and competent but I was so heartbroken not having the OB that I trusted and had built a relationship deliver my baby. Come to find out talking to other moms that this happens quite a bit there. If having your MD deliver your child is priority PV is the way to go.

    My only other complaint is although my baby latched just fine... I was in intense pain. The 4 nurses that I had were like "high five good job breast-feeding!" While I appreciate how sweet they all were...they did not address the fact that I mentioned to each one that I was in intense pain. Being told to stick with it and it will get easier sucks! I just happened to have a different nurse discharge me. She listened Thanks goodness! Seems while my baby latched wonderfully...she was latching incorrectly! So it was fixed by accident not by diligent care. So PS on that one I stuck with it thank goodness but both areas cracked and eventually peeled and were very tender underneath...took 3 weeks to heal. ouch. Wherever you go I hope you will advocate for yourself and insist on a lactation consult if you breastfeed.

    So I as well as my sister am a nurse but I knew nothing about babies...I should have listened to my OB who has privileges both places and my sister. (duh). Seduced by the thought of nice rooms and the good food. Yes the food and rooms were very nice :)

    As stated earlier by another member PV has a nursery and Shea does not if that means anything for for me. I would not let my baby girl out of my sight ;) 

    hope this helps! good luck :) 

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