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3rd Trimester

Measuring over?

So this is my first post in 3rd tri, except for the "hello" post. I went to my appt. today and dr says that my uterus is measuring about 2 weeks farther along. I was also told by the ultrasound tech at my A/S that I was measuring a little over. I have two LOs. #1 was almost 7lbs. and #2 was over 8 lbs. which are good size babies for someone that is 5'3" and usually 110-115 lbs. I have never measured over before. Anyone else experienced this and what was the outcome? (question especially for 2+ moms, but also for any still PG.) I am scared maybe the baby will be huge bc I have had the some of the smallest babies in my family. TIA for any advice.
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Re: Measuring over?

  • BTW... dr says he will just monitor it, and scheduled me for 2 weeks from today. He said if I continue to measure over we may due the last ultrasound early, but right now we will just go by what happens from now.

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  • They told me I was two weeks over, I had picked the 17th and they said it was the 2nd! I held them off but had to have a BPP and NST which she passed great, then for two weeks I was dilated about1-2 and 50-70% effaced Then on the 15th my doctor offered to 'sweep my membranes' I allowed it and went into labor that night and she was born on the 16th... one day before the day I picked, I knew it was her time. My family has big babies and my mom carried me for 43 weeks so I was ready to hold them off for as long as I could and everyone was heathy!


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  • It doesn't mean a heck of a lot. They only really measure to make sure that you are not measuring too small and that you are progressing still. It has no indication on how large the baby is. 
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  • I measured 2 weeks ahead at around 26-27 weeks up until 34 weeks and than went back to normal.  Dr said it was most likely the baby's position and now that he has dropped into place it's making me measure normal.


  • At 26 weeks I was measuring over 4 weeks ahead(at 19 and 22 weeks I was 2 to 3 weeks ahead). My doctor told me if at my 30 weeks check-up I am still ahead or any further they will do an u/s to check fluid and babies growth(which has been on target so far). At 28 weeks I had a elective 3D scan where they confirmed I have a lot of extra fluid and baby is now measuring over two weeks ahead. So I'm sure my doctor will be doing another scan to look for himself but he told me I will either have fluid drained or they will induce early. I'm at risk for PTL because of my cervix so more then likely they will drain fluid. 

     With DD I measured ahead and so did she by about 2 weeks. She was born at 37 weeks only weighing 6 lbs 3.43 oz. So she wasn't that big if I had gone 39/40 weeks she only would of be 7 lbs. So I wouldn't stress yourself out to much. How far ahead you measure can be affected by how your carrying, where baby is at/positions, and how much fluid you have. 

  • The fundal height is not a good indicator for the size of your baby as it can vary based on position of baby or amount of amniotic fluid.  My fundal height started measuring quite a bit ahead around 28 weeks so the doctor ordered a growth ultrasound to check on the size of the baby, who was measuring about 3 weeks ahead.  Turns out at my last growth ultrasound at 38 weeks he was measuring right on track (YAY!) and there was just a lot of extra fluid (level of 28).  My uterus was measuring at 45 weeks - 7 weeks ahead - just based on the fluid alone. 

    Measuring 2 weeks ahead based on fundal height (or even via growth u/s) is nothing to be concerned about. 

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  • Thanks everyone, glad to hear all of your experience in this. :) Hopefully, like what happened with all of you it is nothing to worry about and will even out, and/or not end up being too large of a baby.
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