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3 month feeding schedule- how much how often?

i am bfing at 6am, 10am, 2pm, 5pm, 730pm, and then he gets one bottle of formula at 10pm (i pump at that time). so he eats 6x in a 24 hour period. during the day he is only looking to eat every 4 hours. if i try to feed him sooner he isn't interested. at night he will eat more often but i sometimes feel like i am forcing that 730 feeding on him. i have tried to skip the 730 feeding and move his bottle up to 9, but then he doesnt sleep as long.

i dont mind nursing and pumping as often at night, i was just curious what others are doing. do babies drop a feeding around this age? he has been sttn for quite some time now, so he dropped that 2/3am feeding at least 5 weeks ago. 

Re: 3 month feeding schedule- how much how often?

  • Do you know approx how much he's eating at those feedings?  Ideally he'd be getting (you'd be pumping) at least 4oz.  If you think he's getting ~24oz a day then that should be fine. I mean if you try to feed him and he just doesn't want it, what can you do?? 

    Andrew likes to eat every 2-3 hrs, but sleeps from like 7:30pm-5:30am, so sometimes we end up only getting 6 feedings.

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  • i think it probably is around 4oz per feeding. bc when i pump at 1030 and the last time i nursed was 730 i get around 3oz. i seem to produce an ounce per hour, on average. thanks for sharing your little ones schedule?
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