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Chicco strollers/carseat

Does anyone have a Chicco travel system?  Do you like yours? Any pros/cons about the systems?  

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  • I have the Cortina travel system and LOVE it.


    Super easy to install carseat base

    One of the safest carseats on the market

    Stroller stands alone when collapsed

    Stroller handlebar folds to save space in trunk and adjusts for shorter & taller parents

    Stroller is super easy to open and fold

    Stroller seat folds down flat (my infant loves to nap in it)

    Carseat comes with infant insert (no need to purchase another one)

    When used together the stroller and carseat will completely shade your LO

    Cons: I personally don't have any and the only complaints I have seen are "travel system" related (stroller too bulky, etc). We have used the stroller almost every day since our LO was 3 days old and we do not find the travel system to be too bulky.

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  • Thank you for your opinions. We are going back and fourth between a Graco and Chicco travel system. Which model of the Chicco do you have?
  • The Chicco Cortina set was our second choice.  Several of our friends have it and really love it.  I just felt like it was leaps and bounds better than the Graco travel systems in terms of quality.
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  • The car seat is great.  The stroller is just OK.  The travel system strollers tend to be cheap and bulky.  A lot people complain that you can't get to the basket when the seat is reclined.

    A lot of people like to get the car seat and either a better stroller like the City Mini, or a jogging stroller or the Snap n go and get a better stroller later on. 

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  • We have the Chicco travel system. Not sure what it's called, but it's the "cubes" model. We love it. DD is almost a year old and we still use the carrier and stroller all the time. We don't find it to be bulky at all.

     My best friend got the Graco travel system and they are both really great car seats. The one thing that I loved about her carrier was that the sunshade came down all the way to cover the baby's face. That being said, I also didn't realize the Chicco had a tiny sunshade that goes down beyond the big one. It isn't quite as good as the Graco, but it helps. I don't think you can go wrong with either!

  • I didn't read the above posts so I'm not sure if this was mentioned but for me we decided against Chicco because when the stroller is folded, it does not fit in my SUV when the 3rd row seat is up.  This may not be an issue with you but I would like to keep the stroller in my car at all times.  I went with a system that the stroller is an umbrella fold (and also lighter) although I sacrificed the light bucket seat to go this route.  I figured I'd use the stroller for much longer than I will the bucket seat so I'd rather have what I want in a stroller.  I did love the lightness of the Chicco buckets seats and how easily they snapped into the base and stroller.
  • What pattern is that? I love it and would love to get it once I have another little one. I have nothing left over from my daughter, she is 8.
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  • We have a chicco travel system.  LOVE IT.  I have a friend who has a Graco one, she hates it.  It's so huge in every aspect!  I am glad I went with Chicco, for sure!
  • I'm using my Chicco Cortina carseat for the 2nd time. I used it for 10 months with my first son, and still currently using it with my 8 month old. My only suggestion is that you look into just getting a carseat and snap-n-go and a better stroller. While the Cortina stroller is good and much better than any Graco model, but it's still bulky. I use my snap-n-go and a Maclaren Quest. My Cortina stroller is at my in-laws as a spare.
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