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Peeking out from inside my hiding intro

Hi everyone,

I've been lurking for awhile and I think I'm TTTC is the right spot for me, I hope you'll have me :)

MH and I have been TTC since Feb 2010 which is when I had my Mirena removed. After initial bloodwork I was dx annovulatory April 2010. Af completely stopped showing up as of September 2010 and I have been suffering from migraines almost daily since then too, which my drs think is due to a hormonal imbalance. I have done 3 rounds of clomid, all without successful ovulation.

I am seeing an RE in 2 weeks, I have been waiting for this appt for MONTHS!!

In preparation for this appt I have had an HSG, which was clear and lots of blood work and a SA which we don't have any resuIts of yet. I assume we will get the results when we meet with the RE. I'm very nervous but from the research I have done I think injectibles will probably be the next step.

Thanks for reading. Your input is always welcome:)

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Re: Peeking out from inside my hiding intro

  • Welcome! This board is great and if you haven't already, check out the TTTC Blog link :)
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  • Hi and welcome.

    See the newbie link in my siggy.

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  • Welcome to the board!  3T blog has lots of great info!

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  • Welcome and GL! Hope your stay is short.

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  • Welcome!
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  • Welcome and good luck at your appointment!

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  • Welcome to the board!  Happy to hear you are seeing an RE - they are infinitely better than Ob/Gyns with reproductive issues, particulalry if you have a hormonal imbalance.  Good luck!!
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  • Welcome!!
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    Welcome to the board!!
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