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Opinions about a Peg Pergo Viaggio SIP car seat

K Ladies I am going to see a Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP Infant Car Seat with base this weekend from a family friend who is selling it. I think it is a 2009 and never been in an accident, and has been very well looked after as far as I know. Any opinions on this car seat... I have done some research online but cause it is an brand new model it has been hard to find good info.

So if you have any experience with this car seat please let me know.. both good and bad.




Re: Opinions about a Peg Pergo Viaggio SIP car seat

  • This is the only car seat we have used. We used it with our older daughter, and the twins currently use them. We have been happy with seats. They have good reviews and I have always felt the babies were very safe in them. People do complain that they are heavier than others car seats out there. That didn't bother me. I am lugging around two really heavy babies as it is....and a little extra weight in the car seat itself really didn't bother me.
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  • We used one for our first and never had any issues. Using it again for our second. It connected to our bugaboo stroller too.

  • That is what DS used until he recently got to big for it.  We loved it but it was a bit heavier than the others.  I am a petite mommy with not a lot of upper body strength so it was difficult on me as DS got heavier.  It is definitely very safe and we felt comfortable with it otherwise. 
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