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2nd Trimester

Can't feel uterus

Hi all. I am not quite 2nd trimester yet but I thought you all could help me more than the 1st tri board. I am 12w4d and I can still lay on my stomach comfortably, and can't feel my uterus when I press on my stomach. Am I concerned about nothing? When should I be able to feel it?

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  • I couldn't feel mine at 12 weeks either. Maybe call your Dr. office and ask no question is too small or big for them to answer. If it worries you it's definitely worth a phone call for the peace of mind.
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  • I wouldn't worry. It is there, just hiding below you pelvic bone. If you are really concerned and want some piece of mind, just give the doc a call. HH 9 months :)

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  • 12wks it's still very low, make sure you are checking right above where your pubes start, it might be a couple more weeks even before you can really notice a difference. 

    Also you won't have to worry about sleeping on your stomach for a long time- I slept on mine until around 26wks before it finally started to get uncomfortable.  

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  • I doubt you'll be able to feel it. When I was at my 12 week midwife appointment, she mentioned something about my fundal height and I reached down to feel and she said that I probably wouldn't be able to feel it because I can't get at the correct angle (being that I'm trying to feel my own uterus and she was standing while I was laying down).
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  • Don't worry.  At 12 weeks, especially if you are long waisted or tall, or if you have some 'extra padding' you wouldn't feel it yet.  It is still in your pelvis.  Once the uterus comes out of your pelvis you will be able to feel it.  You might have even more than a month until that happens. 
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  • I wouldn't worry. At my 16 week appointment my midwives had trouble finding it because of my ab muscles. I had to lay in a very specific (and akward) position in order for them to get to it.
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  • I still can't feel mine and I'm almost 19 weeks.  I had my anatomy scan yesterday and LO is all the way up by my belly button.  I guess I just didn't know what I was looking for. ha! :)
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