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Rash? TMI

This may be a little too too TMI, but here goes...I just noticed a slight irritation (between my rear and hu-ha) when walking around the house. I went to the bathroom to see what seemed to be bothering me. I noticed a pink ed area, which at first I assumed it was a cut from shaving (since that's become a difficult task these days). After getting a mirror, since I can't bend anymore, it seems more like a small rash. Now that I've noticed it, of course it's bothering me more. Any thoughts? I know it's gross, but maybe because I spent the day moving my classroom and sweating....and there's "more cheeks" to rub nowadays?? PS I can't believe Im posting this....

Re: Rash? TMI

  • It could be heat rash. I know it's common during pregnancy and especially with summer being here. I had it on my chest last week. A cold compress seems to help.
  • You might also make sure to wear a pantyliner to catch any extra moisture down there. I've noticed if I dont wear one, I end up with wicked chafing from the crotch of my pants rubbing on the skin all day...it's kinda like grown up diaper rash. LOL Embarrassed

    I've also heard that Monistat makes a cream or something that you can use to keep the area dry as well...someone else posted about it previously, but I dont remember what it's called.

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  • megd06megd06 member
    I would guess it's just a heat rash like PP said...is gold bond powder safe to use during pregnancy? I'd put something like that, or corn starch down there maybe to help, and make sure you are wearing just plain cotton underwear.
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  • Wear plain cotton undies (or none at all is better) and some sort of plain powder to soak up excess moisture. It just sounds like a heat rash to me. 
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