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3rd Trimester

weird pain? (possibly tmi?)

So while I was taking my dog for a walk I got a sharp pain in my vaginal area. It went away pretty quick but came back again a few moments later. What is it? Am I simply over exerting myself?

Re: weird pain? (possibly tmi?)

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    Most likely lightening crotch :]
  • When my baby started dropping I had more instances of sharp vaginal pain. Now I pretty much have it whenever I walk or stand up. I wouldn't say it's uncommon but at your next appointment I would bring it up with your doctor. Try to see if it happens when you do certain activities and how often it happens. Most likely your doctor will just tell you its part of the 3rd trimester complaints she/he hears all the time, but it doesn't hurt to bring it up. You may also want to try a belly support while your walking, that's what my OB recommended.
  • Ha! I just posted about this very thing earlier today. It freaked me out in the grocery store. Yeah, lightning crotch. Lovely term, isn't it? It's like a sharp pain that comes and goes every couple of minutes but goes away when you sit down. The baby's head is putting pressure on your cervix and when you walk, well, it makes sense. Means he/she's dropped, which is good, but it hurts like hell. 
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