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Howdy - an intro

Hi there.  I've been lurking on this board for a while and am usually on the TTC >35 board. 

We've been TTC our first since Feb 2010 (DH has a 7 yo daughter from 1st marriage).  I've always had really long cycles (60+ days).  I've been doing OPKs since we started TTC.  Went to RE Sept 2010 and took all the usual tests.  Slightly low SA for DH, but not really terrible.  They couldn't figure out why I don't ovulate and have a long cycle.  RE immediately wanted to do IUI due to our age.  We felt that we need to examine why my cycles are so messed up vs. forcing my body to do something it isn't wanting to do.  Been doing pre-natals, fish oil, and acupuncture (love, love, love acupuncture). 

Finally went to my endocrinologist in March and insisted on having every test they could think of.  DX = PCOS.  WTF.  No cysts on my ovaries, so they never thought to check it.  My androgens are high and I'm pre-diabetic.  The other symptoms - some hair loss and a ten lb weight gain - never made us come to that conclusion.  So, I started taking Metformin last month (in addition to Femara every month) and we'll see if this will finally do it.

Anyway, sorry to write a whole novel.  Just venting a bit. 

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Re: Howdy - an intro

  • Howdy and Welcome.  I hope your stay here is short.
  • Welcome, hope you stay is short! Good luck!
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  • Good luck!

    See my signature for a newbie link.

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  • Welcome to the board!

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  • Welcome & good luck to you.
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  • Welcome and GL moving forward.

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  • Welcome to the board.  I think the board is a good fit for you.  I also have PCOS and irregular cycles is 1 of my 3 symptoms, however, I was diagnosed quickly in the process, luckily.  I've been on Metformin since November (with a small break in April) and I've lost 12 pounds on it, I don't mind it at all :)  Good luck.

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  • Welcome! I also have PCOS and was diagnosed much later than I would have liked, so I can understand your frustration. I'm glad you finally have a diagnosis though, and I hope your stay is short :)
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  • Hello and welcome!  Sorry you had to go through such a frustrating process to Dx, but hopefully you can move forward quickly to a successful pregnancy!  Good luck.
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  • Hello and welcome! I am also new to this board (Was on TTC for a yr) and newly Dx with PCOS too. Every pap spear for me came back normal so no one ever checked me for cysts. GE and GYNO told me horomones always level themselves back out. grrrrr.

    Sorry it took so long for your Dx too. I know how frustrating it is. Hopefully now on the right path your stay here will not be that long! 


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  • Welcome & good luck!
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    Welcome to the board!
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