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Need opinions on ultrasound finding OB never told me about ...

Today I just picked up copies of my records from the OB for our first RE appt. 

In reviewing the ultrasound results from my failed pregnancy, I just noticed that the report mentioned a "1cm left lateral uterine fibroid in the anterior body of the myometrium".  It doesn't seem to have been related to the miscarriage, but still.  From everything I just researched on Dr. Google, it sounds like the type I have is the kind most likely to cause IF issues.

My OB never mentioned that I had a fibroid at all.   I even mentioned at the most recent appt that my periods seemed to be heavier lately and lasting longer and I wasn't sure why.  All she said was "you might just have a little extra estrogen". 

Shouldn't she have brought this up as a possible issue to check out?  Am I over-reacting because I'm hormonal and nervous about our first RE appt?  Or am I justified in being really really angry that it's 7 months since the miscarriage with no luck conceiving again, and she never mentioned it to me???

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Re: Need opinions on ultrasound finding OB never told me about ...

  • I am not sure if that can cause IF, but is it possible that the OB removed it during the D&C?

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  • I'm not an expert but, I do know that there are different types/different levels/different locations for fibroids and you should ask your doctor if you are concerned that this may be playing a role in your IF, and it may not be playing any role at all.  It is highly unlikely that it was removed during D/C.  I'm sure your RE will have comments for you today, good luck to you at your first RE appointment!  Don't be nervous, it's a good thing to create a plan and be proactive!  

    (I'm not in the medical field, but my DH is in the GYN field and I asked him about it.  He gave me a 20 minute answer that even I didn't understand, so I think it's best just to ask your doctor face to face, just want to offer you some comfort!) 

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  • I don't have any advice on the fibroid - but definitely inquire with your RE about it.  You definitely have a right to question their opinion - and they could very well be wrong.  My OB told me the SA we had done there was 'normal' - turns out it wasn't and we are dealing with MFI - I really wish they would have known better.   In my case I plan to not go back to them once I do get pregnant. 
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  • I had a doctor tell me "All is fine-you're just fat" when I was actually suffering (and quite badly at that) with PCOS. Just because the doc doesn't think it's completely relevant doesn't mean they shouldn't tell you. No should he/she flat out ignore you, or worse make up their own conclusions about why and what's going on in your body (like me with the "you're fat" comment had she actually LOOKED at my bw she would have seen for herself that I had PCOS- the u/s actually confirmed it and she ignored that too).  If you are responsible to be open and honest with your doc the doc should be open and honest with you.

    Unless you really love this Ob and find this to be a non-issue I would consider finding another doc.

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