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Riley is in her crib

with her "guys" right now. We call her stuffed animals her guys. She has a new found love for stuffed animals. She is tossing them from one side of the crib to the other. Than she is picking up each one (she has 5 in there with her) and saying "Jump jump jump" and she is bouncing it up and down inbetween her legs.

Almost every night she will than toss them out on the floor but not before she kisses each one and tells them "night night" than falls asleep. She cracks me up.

Re: Riley is in her crib

  • iteachkiteachk member
    Hilarious!  Such a fun age!
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  • Cute! Both of my boys carry 2 animal blanket thingys. We also call them their "guys." They'll come up and say "duys duys" and then touch their lips. They want me to kiss their guys. It's pretty funny.
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