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fun summer kinda vent....

This is probably terrible but I'm wondering what kind of fun I'll be able to have this summer....I doubt I'll be able to kayak which I started doing during the more rollercoasters (obviously), no more amusement parks...all of the obvious things, but no drinking, no sushi, no casino,  no hiking (we're big into hiking)....I know that our fun will be different and I just need to say goodbye to some of those things? But what are you planning on doing this summer?  People at work are like "you're going to want to stay home and rest and sleep and stay in the AC!" or "you'll have to get ready for the baby!" I just have always been a "doing things" kinda person and now I have to be a resting kinda person? 

I know I can go to the beach but then some people are saying it'll be too hot to go there too....

Any advice for a first time mom who is 37 and was probably getting used to a life without a family but now am soooooooooo blessed!


Re: fun summer kinda vent....

  • Hanging out in the pool!! (Or any body of water) It takes all the weight off of your body and feels wonderful. I haven't been too bummed out about "missing out" on all the stuff I would normally do. 
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    Depending on when you are due you could still do light hiking.  I went camping and hiking for four days this past weekend at 32.5 weeks and intend to spend another two days doing it this weekend.  I don't intend to stop camping until I either can no longer get up off my air mattress or I deliver.  

    I'll be spending lots of time at the parks with DD, swimming pool, splash pads, zoo. The only thing I'm giving up is running.   

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  • i wouldn't give up hiking, I would be more careful though. i am like you and i LOVE the outdoors and if I had a canoe I would still go every chance I got. My plans include work and the pool but I am also landlocked in KS with nothing really close by.
  • Not sure how far along you are - but I'm still hiking here in Colorado. I don't plan to stop unless my body makes me. 
  • I plan on laying in my bed in front of the a/c until I am done cooking this baby. I really can't think of anything more fun than that at this point! I'm just so glad I started the nursery and other preparations before the summer really hit, because I just knew it was going to be miserable. 

    Happy summer!  

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  • The only thing I'm really missing is going on roller coasters...I would have a chance in September/October, but that might still be too early...March would be my next best bet...but for the summer...not going anywhere or doing anything that will make me sweat anymore than I already do...I can sweat with the AC on, a ceiling fan, and a fan blowing in my face.. 


  • I am 37 weeks and instead of jogging, went on walks, still working out so I would still go hiking. You'll just get tired faster so pick some not too steep trails. Swimming is awesome, you can def. still do the casino. just have some nice virgin cocktails, and in my 8th month, I allow myself a glass of wine every saturday night and look forward to it.

    I also have been going to the movies a lot, lunches with friends, etc so I barely saw those last weeks fly by!

  • While you may feel like there is nothing to do and especially being used to your lifestyle, yes, the first year may come as a shock to the system and you may feel like you're life, as you knew it, is over.  I felt this way many times with DD#1.  However, when we took our first family vacation where DD really enjoyed it and had so much fun running around on the beach DH and I just thought it was the best and coolest thing.  It is worth it.  Hang in there and the days that you feel like doing something and can't just remember it will pass by quickly and its worth it.
  • DH and I go on a backpacking trip every year.. well, this year I didn't get to go and he went without me (which I encouraged though, I didn't want him to have to sit home with me!). So, I know what you mean about having to sit out on activities.

     Also, we usually go camping but there is no way I am going to be comfy sleeping on an air mattress and having to pee a bazillion times in the wilderness (plus it isn't camping if you can't sit by the fire and drink a cold beer!). 

    Think about it though, there is always next summer! 

    If you have access to a swimming pool I have gone twice so far and it is amazing, especially in the heat!! Other than that I don't really have much summer fun advice for you, lol. Good luck! 

  • when i was pg with ds (dob 9/08) we still went hiking and camping that summer...i also did a lot of hanging by the pool, and sleeping and resting in the AC 

  • It all depends on where you live too. Honestly I have found hot to be sooooo much hotter and incredibly miserable, but I live in FL so its to be expected. The pool is always nice for that, I've never been much of a swimmer but I am now! Maybe wait and take some sunset hikes when it starts to cool down, stick to easier trails. I walk every night after the sun goes down and the its actually nice outside. You don't have to stop being active, you just need to modify it to your comfort level. Just don't over do it!

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  • I don't really have any advice, but I completely know how you feel.  I feel so lucky to be having my baby, but at the same time, I'm feeling totally left out.  As long as you are physically able, I would continue to be active.  Exercise makes labor and recovery much easier (according to my cousins who just had kids).  If you can get to a pool, I too can attest to how much better I feel being weightless in the water.  

    Find some new joys of summer too.  For me, reading outside has always been something I look forward to.  Go to baseball games.  I went to a Phillies game the other day and it was a ton of fun!  

    For me, the other issue is that my friends aren't at the "baby" stage yet; most aren't at the "relationship" stage (despite the fact that we are 25).  Anyway, a lot of them simply don't include us at all.  It sucks, but I know things will get better.  I don't know if you are having that issue, but I know it's making the summer-blues thing worse for me. 

  • Thanks everyone! I'm glad to see that you all would continue everything, and the only problem I can see is....having to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes! LOL! :)


    Thanks again!


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