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Hi all,

 DD is almost 11 weeks old and is now sleeping in her crib. DH took out her bumper and I really feel like the crib looks so baren and less cozy...I also feel like she can look out and see more, where before she didn't have much to look at...When is it safe to use bumpers?? She isn't moving yet, so I didn't really think it was a problem..Thoughts???

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Re: Bumpers

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    We use a bumper...

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  • Bumpers are not safe. Google it. Indifferent

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  • I decided not to use a bumper because I thought that it would make changing the sheets difficult.  The one day I went in to check on her and she had scooted herself over into the rail, with her nose pressed up to one of the gaps and one of her ams through the rail.  That was the day that I decided there was no way the bumper was going in the bed, no matter what.  Because my child is such a wiggle worm.  
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  • we use breathable bumpers too. They aren't as "cute" as some other ones, but we got blue ones to match his bedding and you can see/breathe through them so they are safe.  I wasn't comfortable with no bumpers because I don't want him sticking his arms/legs through the rails. 

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    The incidence of SIDS is highest between 2-4 months and bumpers reduce the airflow in the crib which increases the risk of SIDS. Cozy-looking or not, I would never use a bumper- it's a  no-brainer for me.

    Plus LO likes looking out the side of his crib and I think that's far better for him than staring at a bumper.

  • Its not just that she is or isn't moving, its about less air-flow, making it a risk for SIDS.
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  • We use breathable bumpers and I used regular ones with my first son. He was rolling over at 3 weeks and somehow survived. 

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