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Any of you girls spotting?

Just curious if any of you are experiencing implantation spotting or just spotting. I have since 10 dpo. Its brown spotting something I normally get at the end of a period. Going to RE tmrw for my first Betas got in early!!!

Re: Any of you girls spotting?

  • I was spotting but it has since stopped. I think around 13 dpo. I spotted through my whole first pregnancy. 

    Good Luck tomorrow! 


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  • I spotted a little bit towards the beginning, at 10 or 11dpo, but haven't since. GL with your appointment!

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  • None here. GL with you beta's tomorrow!
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  • I've had a drop or two of blood, nothing major, also around 10-11 DPO. I hope your betas tmw go well!!
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