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Moms of 2+ and belly assault!

How many times a week would you say you get kicked in the belly? S ometimes it really freaks me out.  My LO is 2 and I know he doesn't get it.  We definitely chastise him right away but he must kick me dirrectly on the belly at least 3-4 times a week.  Wehn we're sitting on the ground he love to sit on my lap and will often get frustrated that there isn't much room there for him anymore.  So of course he bounces in frustration.  I usually catch him ahead of time but sometimes I'm not fast enough!

Re: Moms of 2+ and belly assault!

  • Same here!  I even went to one of my OB appointments and she asked me what the bruise was on my lower belly...and I had no idea because it was in a place I could no longer "see" ...I am sure all mothers (with 2+) throughout all of time have had to put up with that!!!!
  • DS is 3 and he seems to compleatly understand that there is a baby in my belly b/c he talks to her and gives her kisses and stuff like that. But he gets excited and will hit my belly on accident and when I am laying down he will kick my belly trying to lay with me. I would say the #1 thing would be either me or him walking into my belly LOL
  • DD loves to talk and give hugs to her baby brother...but then she gets a little excited and starts to try to push down on my belly.  So I have to catch her before she does and tell her no.  Totally get it!
  • DD usually climbs instead of kicks, but it's never with much force so I'm not too worried. I just try to remind her to be gentle. She was laying on me today and would occasionally stick a knee or foot in my belly. Her little sister gave her a few good kicks back - sibling rivalry already :P
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  • dd just turned 2, so she doesn't quite get the concept that there's a baby in there.

    she'll rub my belly and say baby, but that's about it... but she usually runs up to give me a hug or is climbing up to sit with me and i get a headbutt to the belly

    the baby lets me know of her displeasure by kicking back. but i've never been hurt badly... 


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