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When should birth certificate come?

Did anybody get theres yet and if so how long after birth?
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Re: When should birth certificate come?

  • I am from MN, and you have to go to the county recorder to get the birth certificate.  If you're talking about SSN, that should come in the mail, and I received LO's SSN and card about a week and a half after she was born.  I expected it to take a while and was rather shocked at how quick it came.




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  • In my state you have to order it separately. They apply for it at the hospital along with the social sec. number. The SS card came a couple weeks ago.
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  • We got her SSN within a week, and we had to request her birth certificate. We waited a week to request it, and it came within a week of that. 
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  • It came last week (1 month). We applied for it in the hospital.
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  • We are in NY, ours came when she was 10 days old (we filled out the paperwork at the hospital). 

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  • I still have to send in the paperwork, but it shouldn't take long.  Suprisingly, her SS card came before she was a week old!  It took 4 months to get DS's.
  • We filled out a form in the hospital for both the birth certificate and the SSN. The SS card showed up within two weeks but we still haven't seen the certificate. I'd forgotten all about it, frankly.
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