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I can't take much more. I wish I could post a transcript. It is like watching the Olympic high beam routines. Fabulous, until a second before bone-breaking disaster. If we can just get to dismount and stick it, I would be so grateful that I would go into my backyard right now and do a cartwheel myself.

Re: ohdearlordinheavenpleasemakeitstop

  • Wooo hoooooo!  Done(in under an hour no less)! And the crowd goes wild!

    Off now, to do my cartwheels. Thanks to all who intentionally and unintentionally amused me.  

  • Nothing like conference calls (assuming that is what you're referring to).

    Just think, when you're on maternity leave you won't have to deal with them!  I missed my first of roughly 12 conference calls (we have them weekly and it's so pointless) at my job today and it was wonderful.

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