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XP: Update on Me

XP from PAIF:

Evening ladies!  Wanted to give you a small update on our situation...  Will not be leaving the hospital without outside babies.  My BP is under control now, thanks to Labetalol (antihypertensive med). Only one borderline high reading at 6AM today, but I was with 30 minutes of being due for my next dosage. 

Baby A passed her NST, and was "reactive."  Baby B did not pass the NST, but there was no cause for concern, he just wasn't "reactive".  They sent me for an u/s, and both passed their biophysical profiles.  Baby A looks perfect, but Baby B was officially diagnosed with "mild oligohydramnios" (low fluid level) and had a "trace of pericardial effusion" (fluid) around one of his heart chambers.  Our peri is not concerned about this, and said he won't be concerned unless it gets larger in the coming days (my Attending was not at all worried, since NO ONE else has ever seen anything on u/s, and I have had 6 u/s in the last 7 days.) 

So, daily NSTs from here on out, and vital checks every 4 hours (BP, pulse, oxygen levels, temp, and doppler heartrate testing on each baby).

Tomorrow is 31 weeks, and we're really hoping for 3 more!  (Although I know I'll really take each and every day at this point!)  Not that I'm loving being here, I won't lie, it sucks, but at least I know I am doing everything in my power to make sure they're okay.  

Thanks again for thinking of me!!  Happy almost-June ladies!! 
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Re: XP: Update on Me

  • Im glad they have your blood pressure under control now. thatis a big plus. : )

    I will continue to keep you and your LOs in my T&Ps. Good luck hun.

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  • T&P for both your little ones.  Thanks for the update.
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  • Glad to hear you're doing well! Thanks for the update and keep baking those babies mama :)
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  • eesomeeesome member
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    I am so thankful to hear that your blood pressure is doing much better. YAY!

    I am also happy to hear your LO's are still growing just fine in there, and things are starting to look up.

    I will continue to keep you and your LO's in my thoughts and prayers, and hope they stay put for a few more weeks. Take care!


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  • Way to hang in there!  I'm about to lose my mind on bed rest here at home so I can't imagine how difficult it is to be at the hospital.  T &P's are with you all.
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  • Still thinking about you!  Keep on growing, babies!
  • glad you got your BP under control. good luck with little ones.
  • I'm glad to hear that your BP is under control and that they're keeping such a close eye on you! Tell those babies to stay put!
  • Hang in there!! DH & I are both praying for you to have a safe delivery & happy, healthy babies! Fingers crossed for your next 3 weeks as well. I hope you're able to keep your spirits as high & your BP low. Wink
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  • Hang in there, thanks for updating us!

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  • jess!cajess!ca member
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    Wow.  I am glad your BP is under control.  You sound so positive and I give you TONS of credit for that attitude.  I hope those babies hang out for a while!  I'll be thinking of you!!!
  • MissLMSMissLMS member
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    Glad they are keeping such a close eye on everything. Hope they stay in as long as healthily possible!

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  • Sounds like you're all doing great. Keep us updated! Many T & P heading your way!
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  • Thinking of you and hoping you have lots to entertain yourself in the hospital!!
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  • Thanks for the updates! I'm always wondering how you are doing when you don't post for a day or two Embarrassed. DH and I have kept you in our T&Ps, and he asks me now how your babies are doing!

    Hang in there-you won't be stuck in that hospital forever. You're doing a great job!



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  • SO glad your BP is in check and you're right...every day that you keep them in there is an accomplishment.  I know it's not fun, but you're doing a great job mama!
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  • ijackijack member
    Bed rest gets easier the longer you spend there. Pretty soon it will feel like your second home! I hope you have many more weeks with inside babies!
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  • Thinking of you and hoping those babies can stay put for a few more weeks!
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