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Prep for 1 hr glucose test

So tomorrow I am going to do my 1 hour glucose tolerance test.  My dr. said if I eat before hand to eat protein.  When I preregistered (have to do it at the hospital) they said that no prep was needed.  I thought for some reason I had to fast.

What did they tell  you to do? or what did you do? 


Re: Prep for 1 hr glucose test

  • I was told no food or drink three hours before your appointment.
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    They just told me not to drink a big sugery drink (like a tea or soda) right before hand.  They didn't tell me to fast for any specific amount of time.  I'd just try to avoid very sugary foods a couple of hours before hand.
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  • I was told to limit my carbs the day before, but that I didn't have to fast the day of. I'll probably have a couple eggs on my way to the appointment before I drink the sugar drink. Otherwise, no other prep.

    I think it's the 3 hour GTT that requires fasting. GL tomorrow!

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  • They told me to eat as normal so they could get an accurate reading based on how I eat in a normal day.

    Of course, that led to me failing the 1 hour test and having to take the 3 hour test, which I passed with flying colors.

    When I go at 28 weeks for my second glucose test, I am definitely fasting...


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  • My dr's office says to eat breakfast as normal, unless my normal was donuts with juice.  In fact the sheet gave an sample breakfast of one slice of toast with an egg.
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  • i heard to limit your carbs and sugar the day before and eat protein for breakfast. this was from other bumpies. my dr said to eat normally.

    i followed the bumpies' advice. i failed my 1 hr. i took the 3 hr and am waiting for the results. everyone seemed really surprised that i failed. prepregnancy, i was under weight. i'm gaining normally and i work out and eat decent. still failed that sucker.

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  • Follow your doctor's advice.  I was told that no prep was needed (first pregnancy and this pregnancy).  My doctor does not ask for a fasting blood sample and a 1 hour GTT sample.  It sounds like yours doesn't either or else your doc and/or the hospital would have told you to fast.  Good luck. 
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  • The two times I had to take the 1 hour I didn't have to do any prepping.  For the 3 hour it's recommended to eat a light snack 8-10 hours before you test.  So if you have an 8 a.m. appt. you would eat something between 10pm-midnight.
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  • I was told to fast 3-4hrs before. My appt is for first thing in the am. I had to do the same when I was pg with DD.
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  • Mine will be at my next appointment.  I was told not to fast and to eat a light protein lunch (my appointment is at 1:30 in the afternoon).

    I would follow what your doctor said.

  • I have my test today. At my last appointment my midwife told me that there was no reason to fast, just stay away from sugary foods before I came in. I'm eating a piece of toast right now =]
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