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Back from my first OB app't

Liked him alot. Got a lot of good info. He seemed to push the NT scan a lot, which we arent having done. Lots of good info from him. 

Saw the twins, they were so much bigger since 7 weeks. Twin A was moving around a lot, to the point he woke up the other one. Twin B who was a little smaller last time was much bigger and his heartbeat was the same rate as twin A.

 So happy!  

Re: Back from my first OB app't

  • that's such great news! Glad everything looks good. How's your belly bump? Is it more obvious with twins?

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  • MyeMye member

    I am a bit chubby in the stomach area, side effect of PCOS and a sweet tooth, so its not highly noticeable, but theres def a bump

    I will have to post a picture 

  • Awesome Mye!! :)
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  • Why aren't you having the NT scan?
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  • MyeMye member
    because i dont want the stress of the results, because if there was a problem i would not terminate, so there really there is no point to it 
  • amye84amye84 member
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    Sounds like you had a great appointment! Isn't it amazing what a difference a couple of weeks can make?
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  • c&n06c&n06 member
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    great news!!! So glad it went well!!
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