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2nd Trimester

Waiting for the belly!

I am 19w 3d preggo and still waiting to look pregnant... is this normal?  It is my first baby and I know it takes longer for 1st timers vs. already mommies but I feel like at the half way point I expected to have more than a inch of a belly!  THoughts?

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  • Totally normal. I was the same way with my first, too and I'm short.
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  • You will hear it a million times here.  Everyone, pregnancy, baby, baby body is different.  

    From someone who popped at 12 weeks and has a basketball belly enjoy it for a little while.  You WILL get your belly and it will feel good when ppl tell you how you have popped.  :)

    From someone who is jealous go put on a cute tight tank top!  (its warm here near chicago)  

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  • Thank you!  As long as it is normal I will be able to focus on the good side of it... like not dieing in this CO heat just yet!
  • I've had a pregnancy belly since 9 weeks - it was very hard to keep it concealed until I passed the 12 w  marker- I look like I'm already 6m + pregnant people are shocked when I tell them I'm not due till Halloween.
    Enjoy your time being pregnant and don't worry about it - when its your time to pop you will.
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  • I didn't "pop" until I was about 22 weeks...it'll come!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Don't worry it will happen and when it does it will feel like it happened over night! It's my first too and I just started showing a day or two before I hit the 20 week mark and now I have a belly that I can't hide. I can't wait to be BIG though =D
  • at 20 weeks I was barely showing, too.
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