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When did your linea nigra disappear?

Just wondering approximately when I can expect it to fade. I'm sure it's different with everybody but wondering what some experiences were. Thanks!
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Re: When did your linea nigra disappear?

  • It hasn't yet...I've read it can take 2-3 months, but I don't remember where I saw that.
  • Mine took 6 months to go away :(

    I'm 100% Italian with olive skin. Not sure if that makes a difference 

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  • with DD #1 it took about 3 months granted she was born near summer so I had a tan covering it up, maybe that made a difference, mine this time has faded some but not much yet.
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  • Mine has started to fade. I can't remember when it went away with DS. Just keep it out of the sun. 
  • Mine is going strong and did not appear until after he was born.
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  • Still have mine, but I think it's starting to fade (I can't tell amidst the wrinkly deflated stretch marks)


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  • Mine hasn't even started to fade yet and my daughter will be 8 weeks tomorrow!
  • I never had one, oddly enough.
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    I never had one, oddly enough.

    Your daughter has gorgeous hair!!

  • SeaMamaSeaMama member
    Mine never did....
  • mchupiemchupie
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    Hi CC!  Mine still hasn't faded.  Right after birth it was really dark and the outer dark layer sloughed off (gross, I know)...but there is still a very light line there.
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  • Mine has faded, but it's been 3 months and is still long and noticable.
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  • It's been almost 3 months and mine hasn't even faded.
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  • mine is still going strong as well
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  • omg, your son is a DOLL ~     Smile
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  • Mine faded around 8 weeks... I'm still working on the dark belly though :(
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