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rudely outed

I'm in grad school, in a small class of about 8 people. I'm very close with several of my classmates, others not so much. I had told the director of my program I was pregnant once I started missing some classes thanks to m/s, but I had by no means told my entire class, and wasn't planning on going public for quite awhile yet. Sure enough, I was having lunch with several classmates when the director of our program plops himself down and starts chatting me up loudly like I'm his best friend -- "So are you having MORNING SICKNESS? I know when my wife was pregnant blahblahblahblahblah..." Meanwhile my classmates are staring at me open-mouthed. I said something along the lines of "um...yeah...for those of you who didn't know, I'm pregnant." So awkward! He didn't even apologize to me after the fact, even though it was super obvious that he'd put me in an awkward position!
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Re: rudely outed

  • Ouch....... 

    Did he look embarrassed at least?  


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  • Haha, not even! The guy is totally oblivious. Oh well. 
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  • well, 8 less people you have to tell?? haha 

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  • My female coworker, who has a one year old, did the same thing a couple of weeks ago.  She's just really excited for me, but you'd think she'd know better than to assume that I'd told everyone at 8 weeks.  Fortunately, it's a big lunch room and no one was paying any attention to her.  I think I'm going public for real tomorrow!
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  • He sounds like a "lovable idiot" and just like my office mate. 

    I've only told a few people at work (need to know basis) but my office mate was one of them. He's older than my dad...and male. I swear he doesn't understand the importance of not telling and has been reminded numerous times that NO ONE ELSE KNOWS.

    We work in a small building with five individual offices, but everyone keeps their door open and it's like a "community" feel. Well, he tends to bellow instead of normal talking and once walked out of our office and across the common area (to the printer) yelling back at me, "Well, girl, that baby has to eat! Eat up! You need to feed your baby!!" I was HORRIFIED (as this was a few weeks ago and I was still spotting and so nervous about the pregnancy). 

    Later I politely reminded him he was one of 4 ppl on campus to know. He just nodded and said, "Don't worry! Your secret is safe with me!" 

    So oblivious, but kinda a "lovable idiot" moment.

    At least...if the other therapists know...they have been polite enough to not say anything to me as I haven't "outed myself" yet.  

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  • image jmccray789:
    Haha, not even! The guy is totally oblivious. Oh well. 

    Argh that sounds just like something my ex-husband would have done to one of his students......

    So sorry that happened to you. 

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