left side- 3oz. right side- not so much. — The Bump
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left side- 3oz. right side- not so much.

So, any ideas on how to increase supply on only one side? I don't always want to start her on that side cause the other will never totally empty... I'm pumping at least an ounce less on the right side. I've heard this can be kinda normal, but I'd like that extra ounce.
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Re: left side- 3oz. right side- not so much.

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    I have the same problem, but less on my left side.  I'd love to hear if anyone has any ideas....
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  • That is very common! With my son I always pumped more on my right side then my left, thats just how it was.
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  • My left is my superstar as well, but it's more like two ounces. I do compression to empty the breast when I pump (and because I don't get paid for pump breaks, so I try to be in and out in under 10 minutes). I do compression on the dud righty first, so that it's empty, and then leave the pump going on the empty breast while I do compressions on the left. I'm hoping that additional pumping on an empty breast will increase production a bit, but generally one breast outperforms the other. GL!
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    Even after 5 months lefty is still my dud.  I can get 10 oz out of righty, but only 3 out of lefty.  Oh well.
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