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Anyone an expert of Bilirubin/Jaundice?

I am getting very frustrated with this whole process. Her first level was 9.8, then by the time we left the hospital it was 11 so they had us go home with a bililight. She was on the light until yesterday (since 5/20) and her levels peaked at 19. The doctor had me take her off the light at 13.4 yesterday and they had me have her levels checked again today and they were 14.8. Does anyone know if it is normal for the level to go up after taking her off the light? Will it go back down?

I am suppose to take her again for the 6th time to get ther level checked on Thursday. They said if it goes up more than we will talk about putting her back on the light. TIA for any information you might have.

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Re: Anyone an expert of Bilirubin/Jaundice?

  • nattnnattn
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    I'm no expert but DD was jaundice for about the first two weeks so I've gone through it. They kept confusing me by telling me the number because her number would go up just a little and they would have a positive reaction. I kept thinking that was really bad because I thought she was getting worse. I finally asked to see the chart and it all made sense. The older they get, the higher the normal range gets.

    I wish I could help more, but I honestly don't remember her exact numbers, I just remember being confused about it.

  • All of my kids had it.... It is normal for it to go up a little bit once they get off the light...  I breastfeed my LO every two hours instead of three... You need to up there feeds un hour becuase the more they poop and pee the faster it goes away...Also try to put your LO in the sun light has much has possible... Good Luck...



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  • elisbuelisbu member

    everything PP said, plus as they get older they can tolereate a higher number. So while 9.2  might be really high hours after birth, 9.2 at 10 day old might not be so bad.

    i was also told that once it peaks it shouldnt get that high again and will just go down,

    good luck!

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  • They expect a slight rebound or a hangup after taking a baby off the light.  They want any rebound to be minimal, which yours was.  If it went all the way back up to 18-19, then baby would be back on the light.  Some MDs will treat at 17, some don't bother until 20, so the next level will direct your treatment options.

    My son had 12 levels in 10 days and spent time under the light in the hospital and at home (due for another check this week), so all I can tell you is as time goes on, 13/14 is not a concern.  GL... I know it's really hard.

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  • darmcadarmca member
    My little guy was jaundiced pretty badly (as you can see in the siggy pic) and my midwife referred me to a pediatrician and told me she may want him under the light. We noticed it last monday, she had me start feeding him every 2 hours and get him out in the sun it was worse on wednesday but by the time we saw the pediatrician on Thursday he had gained so much weight and was looking better so she said just have the midwife keep an eye on him. At our appointment today he had gained 1.5lbs (in 8 days) from his lowest weight and now weighs more than he did at birth even. His nose is still a little yellow but other than that he looks perfect.
  • We just dealt with this and I know how overwhelming it is. Our son was put on the blanket for one night and when we went to the doctor the next morning it had gone up so we were sent to the hospital to be put under the lights. It had gone from 15 to 17 even with the blanket. We spent one night in the hospital and when we were discharged it had dropped to 10.8...the following days it ended up going back up to 13 and then finally started to drop. I was told by many nurses and even one of the doctors that the blanket is pretty much useless and all it does is maintain the level.

    We were told that jaundice levels go on a bell curve and will peak and then start to fall...which is exactly what our LO's did. It freaked me out very bad....I was a mess! Ours was worse b/c he was born at 36wk2d. We were started on a formula supplement to help and had to go to the doctors office every day for about a week after we were discharged from the hospital. It was very trying on us. It will get better...just keep telling yourself that. Good Luck!



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  • I just made a post about this!!! DD (2 weeks old) has elevated levels and we have to go back Thursday for more testing too. The doc tried to explain it to me and it kinda made sense. DD doesnt have a light, but I think she might if her tests come back elevated again on Thursday.

    Her skin test was 13 and her blood test was 16. Sorry that I was of no help, just wanted to let you know that ur not alone. GL!!!



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