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Yet another movement question. When did you being to feel your LO's kicks higher up? I feel her very low down still, like right near my hip bones or in that region. Just wondering what is going on. I rarely feel kicks or movement where my bump is. I'm sure it's fine because the doctor always feels my belly and she must be in an ok position. I also know it doesn't matter whether she is still breech at this point. Just curious if anyone else is experiencing this. Thanks!

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  • Hmmm I would say sometime in the past 3wks, I noticed depending how I am sitting she will kick me right under my boobs. It's different for everyone though, it could just be that you are still feeling the low kicks because LO is in a weird position. 

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  • I've always felt kicks up high and he's been head down since 20 weeks. LO might be breech but still has time to turn if that's the case.

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    Hmmm I would say sometime in the past 3wks, I noticed depending how I am sitting she will kick me right under my boobs. It's different for everyone though, it could just be that you are still feeling the low kicks because LO is in a weird position. 

    I think she is in an odd position. She tends to hang out really low anyway, like my lower belly is very sore all the time because I think she is laying in the very bottom of my ute. Wish she would move it up a little!

  • My LO is very very low as well, but a few people have said its better if they are low and cause abdomen pain than if they are high and in your ribs.
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  • You may just have a low rider like me.  I've had a "heavy" belly since it started growing and lightning crotch since the start of my 3rd tri.  I am 39 weeks and have not gotten rib kicks once.  She is even already at a -3 station.  Oh and if you do have a constant low rider, I'm warning you now about the swollen labia.  Don't worry if this happens.  It's normal.  Hopefully, you won't develop varicose veins down there.

    Anyway, as for the movement...just drink some juice and lie on your left side.  You should start to feel something.  I had to do that a couple of times around the start of my 3rd tri.  It's like she just suddenly calmed down.  She eventually got back to normal movement and then some.


  • My girl is still low, too. I usually get kicks to the pelvic bone area, occasionally higher or more to the side. I did just start getting this wierd pressure feeling, like shes pressing up towards my ribs in the past week. Sometimes I cant even bend certain ways because i think her bean is right in my right rib cage,...ahhh!
  • I'm carrying really low and also did with my first pregnancy. I never felt my DS1 kicking high. Never much past my belly button and this pregnancy seems to be going in that same direction.
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  • I haven't had any kicks higher than a lil over my belly button so far this time, but from my past two experiences, I can say that I am not looking forward to high kicks. Sometimes with #1, but especially with #2 it would be so painful when they were high and feel like a foot under my rib cage or like it was pressing into my lung. you aren't missing anything if you don't get the high kicks. So far this time I think LO is still laying across my bump and doesn't seem like he is moving into position anytime soon.
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  • Ya know, it's funny, I was just talking about this with my hubby. I've still been feeling lots of wiggles and jabs down around my hips too, and hubbs was asking "Is that normal? I mean, you've got a bump, why doesn't he move up there?" Like it's an apartment upgrade or something, haha! After reading this, I guess it's still common/normal. I get a poke or 2 up top, usually in the morning when the bean's waking up, but after a day of sitting at my desk, I guess he just floats back down south and settles back into my hip area. Odd.
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  • My baby was breech until 36 weeks so I felt lots of low movement. You still have tons of time for your LO to flip, flip back, and flip again.

  • I felt mine still low when I was 28 weeks, like you are now. But by 30/31 weeks baby had definitely turned head down. I miss the days when it was my sides my LO was kicking. Now he occasionally kicks my stomach which is tons of fun, especially when I'm eating.
  • I've had lots of low kicks too and today I had an ultrasound and he is breech so that explains why most of the movement I'm feeling is down low.  It probably just has to do with the position your baby is in.  Dr. said they don't get concerned about baby flipping head down until 36 weeks.
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