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Android apps??

What are your favorite Android apps for baby? I had the Baby ESP free trial and never used it... eh. I'm looking for one that has all the sounds like hairdryers and vacuums and whatnot... And any other apps that you ladies suggest would be nice. Only thing is it has to be free! I refuse to pay for an app lol. TIA. 
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Re: Android apps??

  • I found one called Baby Soothing Sounds for free and I also have Baby Day Chart for feeding and things but I don't use it, just was playing around.
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  • I have ESP and I think it's messing up my phone. Keeps turning off.
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  • White noise lite is free
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  • Relax to Sleep is the BEST. I am in love with it. It is free. You can mix all kinds of sounds together, different volumes, mixes, etc. You can pay the $2 to get more options but I haven't needed it. The vacuum combined with the large fan does the trick for my LO.
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  • we use the lightning bug app and its like total MAGIC every single time. i have used it on friends babies too when they were throwing a fit in their stroller and it was seconds before they calmed down. 
  • Ditto the relax and sleep! It's fantastic -- we use rainforest birds, aquarium sounds, and white noise. Works like a charm:)
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