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1st post-op SA!

There has been some improvement after DH's varicocele surgery! His original SAs were:

SA #1: 22 mil, 15% motility, 4% morphology
SA #2: 6 mil, 5% motility, 0% morphology

SA #3 (today, 1st post-op) was 9 mil, 29% motility, and 0% morphology.  Our Dr. likes his patients to get to 15 mil, 30% motility, and 2% morphology by the time they level off after the surgery, so we're about halfway there so far!  He also gave DH a 30-day supply of tamoxifen to help boost testosterone/sperm production. Next appointment is August 30.


Re: 1st post-op SA!

  • That's great improvement! 
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  • Thats great news..here's hoping for more improvement!
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  • Great news! 

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  • Yay for being half way there!! GL!
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  • Good news!! I hope it gets better and better!

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  • Great news! Here's to those numbers steadily climbing...!

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  • I hope you and your DH get the numbers you are looking for in August.
  • That's wonderful news! I hope the next SA is exactly where you need it to be.
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  • GL to you and YH! I hope his numbers continue to improve.

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