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Alimentum Formula?

Anyone using the Alimentum formula?  My LO seems to be intolerant to the Similac formulas and the soy too... Dr told me to try the Alimentum.. ready to feed...

I know it is covered with some insurance co  But I was told Blue cross it is not covered.. Wonder if I get a prescription if they will cover it? Did it work for you if you have tried the Alimentum? My lo is sooo gassy  and seems to be in pain and not sleep well b/c of it... very frustrating!  And exhausting.  I hope this works!other choices if not??

Re: Alimentum Formula?

  • mrsV719mrsV719
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    We use it. We have Harvard insurance and they just needed a letter from the pedi saying it was necessary due to allergies. It is fully covered, not even a co-pay. GL
  • jeffraejeffrae
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    we used it with DD1.  Insurance did not cover it.  it worked well for DD who had an insane dairy/soy protein intolerance.  It really stinks though - literally stinks.
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  • We just started it today, my poor LO cried for 10 hours straight and I took her to the doctor, said this is what we should try, our insurance only covers RX formulas, not OTC which sucks, but at least you can still use the checks on them to get some money off. I am just hoping it helps her poor gassy stomach.
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