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Who is going back to work full time after your leave...

I work full time now 40 hours a week and have no choice at this point to not do so after LO is here. I know tons of moms do it and this is my first so my perfect picture of being a SAHM is not going to happen right now. 


How many of you ladies plan on going back to work full time after your maternity leave is up? and any advice on how to make it a little easier on a FTM? I'm already dreading it and my baby isn't even here yet lol




Re: Who is going back to work full time after your leave...

  • I'm going back FT too.  No advice for you, I'm also a first time mom and dreading the thought already of going back in November.
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    I'm in the same boat as well. I can take 12 weeks maternity leave and that's it.

    So, to stretch it out, here's what I'm doing after my maternity leave is up: I'm planning to use my vacation time as half days for the first 2-4 weeks back at work (I'm pushing for 4 weeks, my boss just wants me to use 2) so I just work 4 hour days at first. I'm also going to negotiate to work 1 day at home per week, but will bring that up towards the end of my maternity leave... My husband will be home taking care of the baby when I go back to work (he's finishing his PhD dissertation and can do it from home) and we live about 10 minutes from my work, so I'm also planning on going home during my lunch breaks and my husband bringing the baby to me sometimes to breastfeed (although I'll be mostly pumping at work).

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  • I'm going back at the end of September. The anticipation of going back is much worse than the reality, IMO. As long as you feel confident in your childcare it shouldn't be bad. Each day back gets better as you settle into your new routine. Then you end up wondering how you could have ever wanted to be a SAHM because you love the balance working provides you as a full-time parent.
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  • I will be going back full-time in January (due mid August).  I am able to use my maternity leave from work (teaching) for 2 weeks at the beginning of the year, then 12 weeks of FMLA state benefits. That leaves me about 2 weeks before Christmas break, but they will hold my job in order to help make a smoother transition for the kiddies.  I am DREADING going back full-time after Christmas. Luckily my dad is retired and has offered to watch our LO for 2 days a week. I am hoping that will change to 3 once he gets more attached to her after she is born.  The rest of the days our LO will go to an in-home daycare by our home. 

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  • I'm going back part time after my 12 week FMLA (unless I am  begging to go back before that LOL) but with DS I started back to work about 6 weeks after he was born, they let me start back part time, half days for the first few weeks, then a couple full days a week, then by the time my 12 weeks was up I was back to 40 hours. I guess it all depends on how flexible your job is



  • This is our 1st too. After my 12weeks of FMLA and PTO I will be back to work full time. I know it is a bit scary but I know our LO will be safe he will be with his daddy a SAHD Big Smile My only advice would be think of why you are going back to work (Which I assume it is for your LO) That?s what makes it all worth itSmile

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    I am going back full time too after 6 weeks off.  DH is in school full-time so I am the only income.  I did the same with DD.  I worried and dreaded it to the point that I didn't really get to enjoy my maternity leave.  I stressed about pumping at work, daycare for DD, and trying to keep up with all the household chores.  It all worked out and really wasn't nearly as big of a deal as I made it in my head.  know it's hard but try not to think about it or dwell on going back and just enjoy the time you have at home with your baby.  That is one of my biggest regrets and this time I just plan on going with the flow and not being so worrisome.  HTH 

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  • SFAug07SFAug07 member
    I am going back to work full time. I like my job and it's a good balance between family and work for me. We have an Au Pair who takes care of Sarah and will take care of this baby too while I am at work. I transitioned back to full time work by doing two months of part time after two months off, instead of going off three months full time and that worked well.
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  • Just board hopping...

    I work full time and have a 20 month old son This is how I manage:

    I do the very best that I can 100% of the time (at work and at home) and I forgive myself for what I can't control. 

    Last week I had two events that kept me from being the one to put our little one to bed. I forgave myself. Sometimes I leave school (I'm a teacher) as soon as the day is over instead of staying to work with students who may need or want extra help. I forgive myself for that, too.

    Anyway, hopefully that advice will help! Good luck!! 

  • I will be going back after 12 weeks as well.  I'm the one with a steady job so I have to go back and I also have the benefits for everyone.  We'll be getting married in July so he will go on my insurance as well as the baby.  Because he can work at whatever hours he wants, and is project based, he will take care of the baby which I am jealous of!  I don't want him to have a better bond with the baby than me!  My assistant at work (I teach too.) said who would you rather have your baby? A stranger or your husband which is true, but I want to have that special bond!  I know I'm being silly but....



  • I'm a FTM but I'm going back to work full time after my STD is up, so about early December. I am already not looking forward to it at all, and it's just amplified by my job being a 1 hour commute (each way) from my house. I hate the thought that if LO gets sick or hurt I won't be able to get to her quickly. I'm probably going to work long enough to find a job closer to home and then switch (or see if I can transfer within the school district to a closer school).

    We do consider ourselves very lucky in our childcare though. My mom owns her own massage business so she will be our care giver while we're at work and schedule her clients for when we are home.

  • I'm going to be going back FT after 16 weeks of maternity leave. I have no advice to give because I'm also a FTM. I do like to read the Working Moms board though because they give lots of tips there about making the transition back to work easier.
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  • I'm a teacher so my maternity leave is essentially my summer break and back to work as normal in september.  It won't be any different - just a new routine with the baby and not just me and my husband and the dog
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  • I went back FT when DD was born, and then I found a way to work part time and be home with DD 4 days a week when she was about 13 mos.  I can promise you it was not so bad leaving her at daycare during the first year.  They really dont do much but sleep while you are at work.  When they get older it is when you want to be home with them, so much to do with them and after 13 mos they are so curious about everything.  I feel very lucky to get to be home most days with DD, and now with DS I will get to be home with him a lot when he is younger.
  • My best advice is to find childcare that you are 100% happy with. We love DDs daycare provider - she was so supportive and has become a close family friend. She made it easy for me to transition back to work, but I know others who are not so happy with their childcare situation, and it is very stressful. If you can, start now looking for someone to care for your LO, and pay extra to hold a spot if you find the right person. 
  • I will be going back to work full time after 6 weeks as well.  I had planned on doing the full 12 weeks, but I have been on bed rest so that time has been cut short.  I am not too stressed though, since my husband is a teacher and he will be home with LO until the end of Aug. 
  • I will be going back ft.  I HATE my job but it helps pay the bills and we can't quite make it on dh's income alone so back to work it is.  I do wish I could find something pt yet still have $ left after having to put 2 in daycare while at work pt.  Right now I'm stressing & frustrated because I want to have my resume updated in case I find something else, either ft or pt.  Among other things I'm stressing about...
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  • I felt the same way as you before DS.  It's not easy, but hop on over to the Working Mom board to get some more insight.

     Now that DS is 2, here's what I've learned:

    1.  Find childcare that you are 100% happy with;

    2.  If you can afford it, get some help on the housecleaning front;

    3.  Have a frank discussion with your significant other about how, exactly, you will divide up duties once you go back to work.  Don't assume he will start picking up your slack once you start back to work. 

    4.  Meal plan.

    It's not easy at first, but it WILL get better!!

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  • This is my third child and I've always worked full-time and never regretted it.  It is possible to work and be a mother and love doing both. 

    Figure out what is going to make you feel most comfortable with regards to child care.  How much can your husband be at home with your baby?  Tour a million daycares to find one you're really comfortable with, or, would you feel better if a family member watched your child or an in-home provider?  The more you know you are leaving your child with someone who really cares for them the easier it is.

    That, and go with the flow.  If you have to work you have to work and there's no point to wallowing over it.  Hopefully by the time you return to work the baby will be in somewhat of a routine and that will make it easier for you to see what you need to get done when in order to make everything work.

    Good luck to you and feel free to check out the working moms board.

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  • Hi!

    I'm 30 weeks with my second and I plan to go back full time to work after 13 weeks leave.  After my first, I went back after 6 weeks (because I couldn't afford to stay home any longer). 

    Honestly, it affects us as parents more than it affects our children, especially when they are young.  My daughter was smiling and giggling when I left in the morning, and she was smiling and giggling when I got home in the afternoon.  What I did find to be helpful though, was to keep her picture with me (in a locket around my neck specifically) so that she could "be with me" throughout the day and anytime I really started to miss her I could see her smiling face.  Sounds cheesy, but it really helped.  Frequent phone calls to the sitter/nanny/day care helps too!!  After a couple calls, you'll realize your little one is just fine! :-)  My daughter was in day care from about 6 months on and as a result; she gets sick less frequently, had better social skills because she was around so many other kids, more advanced as far as walking, talking, etc. so there are other benefits to our kids being around other kids.

    I hope it's as easy with my son on the way than it was with my daughter! :-)


    Good luck, mommies!


  • I'm taking 12 weeks FMLA, and then will transition back to FT with a five-month PT stint, which works out really well since it's during our slow season at work. Like so many others here, DH is still in school, and I really have no choice in being a SAHM. I really think I will enjoy working PT. We have our schedules worked out so DH can watch the baby while I work PT. We won't need any sort of child care until I go back to FT in April or so. Good luck to you!
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  • I'm taking almost 11 weeks maternity leave and will be back to FT as well as going back to taking classes for my masters...it will be hectic but it's a sacrifice I'm doing to finish my masters before baby girl is old enough to realize i'm not at home because I'm in class or studying.
  • me.  Sucks but has to be done.
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  • I too am going back to work full time after my maternity leave is up. I have a higher paying job and better benefits than my husband so I really don't have a choice on this one. I also have a PT job waiting tables at a local restaurant and I am thinking about keeping that job and just working Sunday mornings (as I can make almost $100 on a Sunday morning). It is really difficult to think about how much time I will be away from my little guy. I am thankful that my husband will be able to work opposite of my so that he can stay home with the baby while I am at work. I never went to a day care when I was young so I would be a bet nervous about sending my kid to one.

     I dont have any suggestions or advice for you but I hope all works out for you. If you ever need another working mom to talk to just let me know.

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