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2nd Trimester

Movement on the outside!

I've been waiting for this for so long. I was just about to log off the computer and get back to the dishes when i feel BAM BAM BAM harder than ever before. I put my hand on my belly and sure enough I could feel little punches or kicks coming from my LO. I hope she's still banging away when BF gets home. He's dying to feel her kick! <3

Re: Movement on the outside!

  • How exciting!!  I've been seeing little kicks and jabs on the outside for a couple of weeks now and I could still spend the whole day just watching it. lol 
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  • It is definitely exciting! I felt my LO on Sunday night. 3 times. LO was shy for DH though so he didn't get to feel.

    Hopefully your boyfriend will get to feel!

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  • Isn't it awesome? Our LO was been at it for a few weeks now, every time it reminds me that there really is a happy little person in there (and one that seems very opinionated!). DH loves feeling our son move around. It's so sweet to see his face light up. I'm sure your BF will be tickled to feel your LO!
  • Oh man, how exciting!  I have felt kicks from baby since 14 weeks but nothing from the outside! I do feel them getting stronger thought so hopefully soon we can feel them from the outside!

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