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Jane Elizabeth's birth story PIP

Jane Elizabeth was born May 25th at 1:15pm by c-section.  She weighed 8 lb. 10.1 oz. and was 20.5 inches long.  During the c-section, there was a tornado warning issued.  (There wasn't any actual tornado, it was doppler indicated and everything was fine.)  Jane had just been born and my husband went with her to the nursery.  I heard the doctors talking about the fact that the sirens went off in town.  Of course I was a little nervous, especially considering my abdomen was open!  When we got back to the room, they made the fathers and babies sit in the hallways, and they turned my bed away from the window in the room.  So much excitement! 

When Jane was born, her blood sugar was 30, so they gave her a bottle while I was still in surgery.  Then when I was coming back to the room, they gave her another one.  She had difficulty breastfeeding the first day and that evening her sugar was still low, so they gave her another.  I was disappointed because I didn't want her to have formula but she needed it and wasn't latching to get it from me.  She still doesn't latch so I am pumping.  My left breast doesn't seem to want to drain (we are working on it) so she isn't getting quite enough and we are supplementing with formula now too. 

I learned a lot about birth plans.  They don't always work out.  I wanted a vaginal birth-got a c-section.  Wanted to exclusively breastfeed-have to pump and supplement instead.  But it is all worth it because I have a healthy, beautiful baby girl who has the best temperment.

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Re: Jane Elizabeth's birth story PIP

  • Beautiful! I love her hair. Congrats on the new little girl!
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  • Beautiful girl!  Congrats.
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    Congrats on your beautiful baby.  I had a c/s that morning and thought about all the moms that had to deliver babies during that crazy weather later that afternoon (DH, DD and I spent most of our afternoon being wheeled into the hallway due to the tornado warnings).  Glad you made it safely through all the storms.
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  • Beautiful! And that hair is crazy! Congrats!
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  • ::lurking:: Congratulations. Out of curiosity, how well does your LO like the nap nanny. I was thinking of getting one for my LO but I'd love some feed back on it before I get it since it's a little pricey. TIA  
  • congratulations shes  adorable

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    She really likes it!  My friend has an 8 month old son with reflux issues, and he actually sleeps in the nap nanny.  It has made such a difference for him.  So far Jane is very content laying in it.  She falls asleep in it easier than when we put her in her bassinet.  But yes, it was pretty pricey.
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