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Our house doesn't have a bathtub

Just curious if anyone else is in the same boat, and if so, what you plan to do?  Obviously I'm getting a small baby tub, but not sure the best place to put it.  Our bathroom countertops are too small, and I think baby in the kitchen sink is unsanitary (from a baby poop near food prep standpoint). 

I think we need to get a handheld shower handle thing installed in the guest room shower, and keep the tub on the floor of that shower.  And invest in a good pad or pillow for me to sit on!

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Re: Our house doesn't have a bathtub

  • We are in the same boat right now!

    When we bought our house both bathrooms needed complete reno...the upstairs bathroom only  had a tub (cast iron), and a pedistal sink...very inconvenient

    The downstairs bathroom had a shower, but it was NASTY! and the bathroom had carpet!

    We decided to redo the downstairs bathroom b/c it would be the least costly of the two....so now we have one finished bathroom with a shower, and a ripped apart bathroom upstairs with nothing! We do have a half-bath on the upstairs also so it isn't that inconvenient.

    So, needless to say, we will be redoing the upstairs bathroom sooner than we thought! Probably this winter as my DH does lawn/landscaping and has all winters off...but we're buying a little baby bathtub also and we're going to wash in the kitchen sink...you can always disinfect!

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  • we dont have one either and we have a 6 and 3 year old too. Its no biggie. Go get the baby tub at walmart that folds for easy storage. Or you can do the Puji tub...thats pretty small. No tub is a bigger problem for bigger kids than babies. We ahve a hand held shower head in our shower and its great for when I rinse our girls hair so maybe you can find one long enough to reach the shower floor where the baby tub would be
  • We didn't have a tub until ds was much older, about 3. When he was too big for the baby tub we got a huge rubbermaid tote and used that.

  • We are thinking about this one.  I don't like the idea of the kitchen sink because mine is so small and I don't think it is clean enough for the baby, since raw meats and things are around that area when cooking.  This one you could fill up then bath the baby on a table or counter.  It has it's own sprayer to rinse the baby with.



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  • I have a thought for the pad/pillow situation.  You know those gardening mats/pads for kneeling while gardening??  That would be perfect!!  It would not matter if it got wet or dirty since people use them all the time outside!!

     Random, I know and don't ask me why it came to me!

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  • We have a bathtub, but for now we put the baby tub on the kitchen counter. It's so easy having DD on our level, especially because she thinks she is Michael Phelps and goes totally nuts during bath time. I tried it once down in our bathtub and it was way too hard on my back/knees and much harder to control her.

  • we didnt have one either. I used the infant tub on the kitchen counter, then we he was old enough i bought in inflatable tub that fit right into the tub and he loved that was big enough for him to use until he was about 2.

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  • Everyone seems worried about the kitchen sink but thats what I use. I just clean it really well before and after her bath. It's what my mom did when I was little and my parents even had a tub. She said it was way easier then bending over when we were little. (and my brother's and I are fine) I use this in the sink http://www.walmart.com/ip/Safety-1st-Bath-Cradle-Pink/16383418.

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