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3rd Trimester

When was it to hard to go to work?

My best friend said that at about 36 weeks she had to drop from 40 hours to 20 hours because she felt terrible.  I've read a lot of other women start their leave around 37 weeks because they are so tired.  I will have to work until lo comes out.  I'll probably give birth in my office while responding to emails! haha jk.  But I am starting to get really uncomfortable and tired now...how much worse does it get?
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Re: When was it to hard to go to work?

  • I would think it largely depends on the job. My current job lets me sit or move around at will so I'm still physically comfortable, although I mentally checked out about a week ago.

    If I were working my old job (retail management) I would probably be dying right now.

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    I cut back fairly early, mostly because my boss wanted me too. I was already part time, now I am EXTREME part time. My job entails me standing a lot, walking a lot, bending to help someone, lifting some heavy items, and possibly not eating if I do an 8 hr weekend shift. So, because of that she has helped me by putting me on a very extreme part time of 20 hrs or less (mostly less) since week 34. Customers are also freaked out a little by me doing certain things, so I guess its a good thing... ha. 
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    I would think it largely depends on the job. My current job lets me sit or move around at will so I'm still physically comfortable, although I mentally checked out about a week ago.

    If I were working my old job (retail management) I would probably be dying right now.

    I hear ya on that one!  I worked retail for nearly 10 years.  Now I'm an office manager for a small company.  Office...meaning comfy chair!! haha.  But I mentally check out the moment I get here! :o 


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  • I planned to work until I had the baby...especially since I work in the hospital where I'll deliver.  I changed my mind last week, and started my leave this week.  I'm tired of waddling around the office and I'm really enjoying having at least a few days home before baby arrives.
  • Ugh yes. Not to whine (much) but there is just nothing going on at work right now. We're doing state testing so teachers aren't allowed to use their classroom computers so there isn't anything for me to fix, and I've already made up everything for my boss for while I'm on leave. It's frustrating to be there for 8 hours a day when there is soooo much I can be doing at home. If we weren't 3 weeks from the end of the school year I'd be tempted to take some sick days just to get stuff done around the house.
  • I felt really great until last week.  Sure I was tired at the end of the day but nothing too horrible.  My last day will be next Friday, I'll be 39w 2d.
  • I'm going to cut out and work from home at 38 weeks. I have big projects due up until 37 weeks, so I can't leave earlier, unless Sparky decides to actually arrive. After 38, though, I'll just work from home until he appears. My major projects will be done and hopefully my staff can behave themselves. 
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  • I work as a home hospice CNA and i don't know if it is just because I'm coming off a long weekend or the 100+ temps we're having here in PA, but I so wish i could start my leave NOW! finically though I have to work till I pop. But it's physically getting harder and I'm just done, and checked out! Hope you can get a second wind!! 
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    ...how much worse does it get?

    worse.  a lot worse.  of course that's depends on every woman.  i thought i was going to be fine, but i had to cut back on my hours last week.  since the baby's dropped, it's harder to walk around.  my carpel tunnel prevents me to type a lot and i'm just exhausted by 1-2pm every day.  i think i started really feeling uncomfortable around 35 weeks. 

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  • I work at a restaurant on my feet for 6 hours with no break. I get tired by the end of the shift but I'm still able to do it. For me, I'd be physically unable to sit at a desk job right now for very long. I can't really sit through a whole movie right now.

    Financially I need to work as long as possible so that I still have a comfortable amount of money in our savings when I go back so taking work off now isn't a viable option.


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    I would think it largely depends on the job. My current job lets me sit or move around at will so I'm still physically comfortable, although I mentally checked out about a week ago.

    I work in a call center, so physically, I was still comfortable up until roughly 35 weeks. Now the office chairs kill my back, but baby's so low it's uncomfortable to stand up.

    Mentally, though, when the hormones hit me hard around 27 weeks, I started losing my cool with my customers, and have been taking extra unpaid breaks to make sure I don't end up getting myself fired.

    I'm out at the end of this week, when I'll be 38 weeks, but I've been mentally checked out for ages. If I could have afforded it, I would have been out of here sometime between 30 and 35 weeks.

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  • I bartend so I don't get to sit often. I am at 32 weeks and it all depends on the day for me sometimes I am ready to throw in the towel. For now I am going to keep going 5 days a week.

  • I worked up until lo came.  Well, I went into labor on a Sunday but I worked that whole week before.  I wanted to spend all of my leave with the baby and not use any time before hand.  I am not working now so this time I don't ahve to worry about it.
  • I plan on working until I start early labor. I am in sales so being in the car has been rough the last week but I can still go to local accounts and have days in the office. And work from home. Being able to mix it up has been a life saver!
  • i have to work up until i give birth or else it cuts into my maternity leave.  i worked 50 hours a week with DD up until i gave birth..and she was over due by 3 days.  UG!  i'll do the same with this one.
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  • I plan to work up until a week before my due date. It is hard I am 30weeks and 1day and I just am so tired by the time I get home but hey we can do it Big Smile
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    I plan on working until 38w6d... my last day of school (students are done at 37w5d).  Today was the first day I really work up dreading work and feeling uncomfortable... I am hoping that once it cools down a little I will feel better.  But... UGGGG!

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  • Today was the first day that it was really hard.  I was very uncomfortable with back pain, exhaustion, and bh contractions.  I teach and my classroom is on the second floor, so getting up the stairs was the hardest part.  I sat down for most of the day.  With my first I worked up until 39 weeks and never felt uncomfortable.  Thankfully this is the last week of school.  I don't think I would make it much longer.

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    With DD I worked FT until I was induced at 41 weeks.  I work part time now and plan on working until DS decides to grace us with his presence.  Although I will admit, it is getting more difficult.  I just want to save as much time home with him as possible as long as there isn't a medical reason for me to stay home.




  • I would say the whole third trimester has been challenging to continue working through just because I'm feeling sluggish and uncomfortable now. I'm hoping to work up until 3 days before my due date so that I can use the majority of my maternity leave after the baby is born. I'm luckily able to sit for a good portion of the day now though and that certainly makes it a lot easier on me.
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    DD started to drop at about 35 wks, and I was uncomfortable then.  Also, having to have someone watch my students when I had to pee every hour (or less) was a huge PITA.
  • I have 4 days left and am still working/will work til due date. It has gotten much harder but I pace myself. I am on my feet all day except for breaks and my coworkers have been amazing in not pushing me if I look like I'm going to keel over. As a reference, I was slightly overweight before getting pregnant and rarely exercise. Now I really have no energy to exercise so I'm a bit over my target weight. No GD or preeclampsia worries though. Good luck. You can do it!
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