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Best baby bath tubs?

Which tub(s) do you recommend for baby? We live in an apartment and I as much as I clean, I wouldn't place my baby in our sinks or bathtubs. They are just sooo old and stained- yuck!

Re: Best baby bath tubs?

  • we have the first years tub and it works great:

    what we have found to be an absolute must-have is a bathluve: it keeps DS nice and warm during his bath and he's happy as can be. 


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  • I had a Puj tub and loved it. It just fits in the sink and then unfolds to hang on the back of the door or on a hook in your shower. 
  • I did a bit of research on reviews and the Fisher Price Whale of a Tub had the best reviews of a traditional grow-with-baby tub.
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  • We have the FP Ocean Wonders tub, which is a spin off of the Whale of a Tub. DD looooooves it. She'd hang out in there for an hour if I let her. It is great because it has the newborn sling, which is super easy to take off when baby gets big enough. There is a hump that keeps them from sliding down into the water before they can sit. We still have that in there, but will probably take it out in a couple months. I think this tub is great for growing with baby. After baths, it has a hook so you can hang it on the curtain rod. We hang ours on the handicap bar.
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  • We started with the FP Whale of a Tub, but DD thinks she is an Olympic swimmer and started trying launch herself off the little seat in it. The sides weren't very high so she got water EVERYWHERE. So we sent the whale to grandma's house, and got a Primo Eurobath. Now, this thing is huge, but she loves it. She's at more of a recline so more water covers her and she doesn't get cold, and she just splashes around like crazy. She can launch herself out of the infant area though. The sides are higher so she can't make as big as mess. The tub is gigantic but we store it on top of our kitchen cabinets so it's NBD for us.

  • I love the 4moms brand with the digital thermometer built in.
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  • Primo Eurobath -- a friend who is a mom of 4 says it's the only way to go b/c they grow out of the traditional baby tubs too fast -- this one is good for infants & young toddlers.  We registered for it & will buy it if we don't receive it ($25 on Amazon or BRU - online only).  It's larger but we have room to store it & know we'll get a ton of use of out it!
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    I had a Puj tub and loved it. It just fits in the sink and then unfolds to hang on the back of the door or on a hook in your shower. 


    This!! Love ours! 

    My LO has really taken to baths too because of how comfy and soft it is. Not like a hard plastic tub. Ick. 

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