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2nd Trimester

Twitches= baby movment?

I am pregnant with my first baby. I don't recall ever feeling the "butterflies", "bubbles popping", "flutters" etc that many women describe the first baby moments to feel like. I have been waiting since 15 weeks. All I have noticed is some twitches, gurgling and pangs. Could this be baby? I would like to think I am feeling something at almost 18 weeks...

Re: Twitches= baby movment?

  • I am 15 weeks and don't feel what people say either. I only feel gurgling and pangs too. Maybe it is baby?
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  • I think for the most part, the gurgling is generally gas. (I've had quite a bit of that myself!)

    I've noticed TONS of muscle twitching, both in my uterus and in areas all over my body. (Under rib cage, inner thighs, eye lids, etc.) Clearly this is just regular muscle twitching, but I think a few times the twitching feeling in my uterus has been baby. He also sometimes makes little 'poke' feelings. If you are 18 weeks, chances are that at least a little bit of the twitching you have felt is probably him!

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  • I am now 19 weeks and am still barely feeling anything. I do feel the "gas bubbles" every now and then but not in a way that I could say for sure if it is the baby or gas lol. Mostly what I feel is outward pressure at the center of my belly. As if the baby is pushing outward with it's back. I asume it's movement but maybe it's just the uterus expanding?

    I did get to feel one thing the other day though. I had my hand resting on my belly and I felt a thump on my palm. That was neat. I can't wait for more of that :)

  • I started feeling kicks at 20 weeks.  Before then, I just felt little bubbles or something, but I really don't think it was gas.  I swear I can feel my baby's heartbeat when I press on my belly... Maybe I'm just crazy, but I don't think my heart is beating as quickly as the beat I feel.
  • I'm in the same boat. The past couple days I noticed I had a few quick twitches in my uterus area. I heard movement would feel like flutters or bubbles. I did not feel that, but I'm not quite sure if it was movement or not. 
  • My 1st I felt at 18 weeks and second at 15 weeks.  It depends on placement of the baby.  I felt the flutters first, they feel different than gas ( at least to me they did).  To me it feels like light tickling from within lol.  If that makes sense. 
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  • My Mom thinks my pangs are baby-related. I'm not 100 percent convinced...guess we'll see in the next few weeks.
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  • I never felt what I had read about.  (bubbles/butterflies)  Mine always felt like muscle twitches from week 15 on.  I'm about 26 weeks now, and they obviously are much stronger then before, but still feel like massive twitches to me!
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