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Cautious Intro...

Hi ladies!

Just wanted to introduce myself, and say hello :) I just got my BFP (!!) today after experiencing a loss this past February. I am SO excited, but am still holding my breath because of everything my husband and I went through a few months ago.

Either way, right now I am pregnant and due around 2/2/2012!! Congrats to all of you!

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  • Congratulations and Welcome!

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  • Congrats!

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  • Congrats and welcome! I hope this is your take home baby!

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  • Similar situation over here---congrats to you and let's just try and enjoy another chance at a miracle!
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    I understand, I have been slow at participating on this board just in case but another nestie put it a good way that you're pregnant now, this that's something to smile about! I think its normal to be a little wary or anxious. So welcome and H&H 9 months to all of us!!

    Henry Cavill...You're welcome!


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  • Congrats and welcome to the board!  and I'm sorry for your loss.


    Missed MC 11/17/10 Our little miracle born 1/27/12 Natural MC 7/19/12 Missed MC 1/22/13 Our family is complete DD 12/27/13
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    Welcome and congrats. H&H 9 to you!
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  • Congratulations! We share a due date :) I am a "cautious joiner" as well, since this is our first BFP since we experienced a loss in Feb 2010. Like you, I am holding my breath and trying to be positive.

    Sticky baby dust to you! May we all have healthy little ones to celebrate in 9 months :) 

    TTC since July 2009 / HSG Normal / Missed m/c - Feb 2010) / 4 IUI's = BFN / May 2011 = IVF & BFP! Betas dropping...but we have FAITH that we will one day be parents!!!!
  • Welcome and congrats!  I'm sorry for your loss.  We also experienced a loss in February so I'm feeling the same way but trying to think good thoughts!  We have the same due date, too!  :)
    bfp#1 2/1/11 ~ natural m/c 2/21/11 (7w2d)
    bfp#2 5/26/11 ~ missed m/c dx @ 10w (7w3d) ~ d&c 7/14/11
    bfp#3 5/2/12 ~ baby elijah arrived 1/14/13!
  • Wow it's so comforting to hear that so many of you are in the exact same position as me!

    Thanks so much for all your kind words ladies!!

  • Congrats and Welcome.. again!!
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  • WELCOME!!!  Here's to February being the month to celebrate!  Congrats!
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