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Bring it baby!!!

Well I just got back from the dr. got dehydrated this weekend and had to go to the er. Went in for a checkup this morning and I am 2 cm dilated 90% effaced and could go whenever, I know a lot of you ladies are saying well you could still go over your due date! I know I could my second child was born at 37 weeks and I have already been told by my dr this little guy is much lower and we are hoping I at least make it till next week, but be ready if I don't! Oh my where has the time gone, we are all so close I just can't believe this close now! I really want to be comfortable again. If I am not at school or work, I have to be at home on my butt as much as possible, for a busy person like myself it's already driving me nuts, I have so much respect for you ladies that have been on bedrest now!!!
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Re: Bring it baby!!!

  • ive been 3 cm with LO#3 for weeks now and today is my due date. Good luck though. Just because one comes early doesnt mean the next will.
  • good luck to you. and yes , i def cant believe we are getting this close :-) any progress is exciting.

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