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Looking for a Father's Day Gift

We received a Ball One Baseball for my shower and they recently had an event on Zulily where i bought another one to give to my Dad from our son.

It is a custom stitched baseball with blue or pink thread in a display case. It comes with an ink pad. The point is to have the babys footprints put on the ball at the time of birth or after the baby is born since it now comes with an ink pad.  There is also an option to have a name plaque made with the babys name and bday.

 I found it unique especially after everyone commented on it. It made me realize how special it was.

I know they run some discount codes on Facebook also.

The site is www.ball-one.com

Re: Looking for a Father's Day Gift

  • I bought one for a friend's shower.  They are having a baseball room and it was a HUGE hit.
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