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UPDATE: Induction Today

It looks like I might get a May baby after all. I go in for my appointment at 3 and my doctor plans on sending me across the street right after for an induction due to my high BP. I am kind of nervous, but excited to see my little one. I have had a horrible cough for the last week, so I am hoping that doesn't get in the way. I also want to go natural, so hopefully I can keep interventions to a minimum. I guess all I can do is hope for the best :) Talk to you ladies in a few days!


I had my appointment and the doctor was ready to send me to the hospital. Unfortunately, L&D was full, so I am now on call. It looks like I will probably be going in tomorrow morning instead. Only one more night on bed rest and hopefully a quick induction before I get to hold my little girl :)

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Re: UPDATE: Induction Today

  • Good luck!

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  • Wishing you the best!
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  • Good luck!
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    happy early bday lo!
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  • Good luck! I hope everything goes smoothly!
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